Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rock n roll bling

I finally bought photographer, Judy Linn's book 'Patti Smith 1969 - 1976'. It has gorgeous portraits and candids of Patti, Robert Mapplethorpe and their random cohorts.

There are a bunch of the photos in it that were taken of some really gorgeous jewellery that Robert used to make before his own photography took off. He mixed beads, crosses, tiny skulls, strips of leather and feathers to make these wicked, bohemian-rock pieces that are undeniably cool.

(all photograps from 'Patti Smith 1969-1976' , photographs by Judy Linn)
Looking at these photos made me wonder if maybe I wore some cool, rock n roll jewellery, I too would look like a god damn rock star (but probably with a shirt on).

There are a couple of problems, of course. First problem - I don't really have the talent, time or inclination to make my own jewellery. And second problem - I don't think you can actually buy any of Robert Mapplethorpe's pieces or, if you can, I am pretty sure I won't be able to afford them.

Sooo - I had to come up with some alternatives. And lucky for me, there are some very cool, not that expensive jewellery designers out there right now. After a search through the wonderful world of the interwebs, here are the ones that I am getting all lusty after.

1. Fallon

Fallon is designed by Dana Lorenz. The collections feature gorgeous, covetable pieces with a rock chick aesthetic and a me-friendly price tag. (Also, how cool are the chick's eyebrows in the above photo? I am really starting to love black eyebrows with white hair and have been colouring mine in now and then. Very Wendy James.)

Here are a few of my favourite pieces.

I would prefer it if these were silver but these are still very cool.

2. Deadly Ponies

So I was already totally in love with their handbags, and now I have found out that Deadly Ponies has a jewellery line - hell yeah!

I have told my husband that, if he really, truly loves me, he will be buy me something from their website. I didn't even have to give him any further guidance than the link - I love everything on there.

This is just a taste, but honestly it is all gorgeous.

Can't wait to see what I am getting!!!


I have been lusting after ManiaMania jewellery for a while now - they stock it in a few stores here and it is all so cool. It is a little more expensive but oh so pretty!

4. Bing Bang

I found Bing Bang on It is designed by Anna Sheffield and it is supercool and groovy. I haven't bought any yet but definitely plan to. Lots of it.

Tiny skulls, crosses, blades - the Bing Bang collections have everything I could want.

This is the designer, Anna Sheffield. She is so cute! Love her ink too.

With any luck, my next post will be me showing off all my new jewellery. Or not. I should have at least one pretty bauble to play with (assuming my husband has got his act together).

Till then!



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What does your husband get in return?

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Good Question Anonymous