Sunday, December 11, 2011

Festive frocks

It is almost Christmas you guys! This time of year makes me dizzy with happiness. I like to run around the office, wearing tinsel or a santa hat (or both!!!!) and spreading festive cheer wherever I may go!

Basically, if you don't dig Christmas, you'd be best avoiding me throughout December.

This year, I am going to be in Chicago and New York where it will hopefully be snowing and where I will hopefully looking something like this:


(Except without the white leggings - I couldn't pull those off when I was a teenager, let alone in my 30s.)

And I am hoping that husband will look something like this:

Mmmm lovely! Colin Firth in a reindeer jumper is such a great combo.

Normally, though, I am sweating it out at Christmas time in the Australian heat and this kind of thing is completely out of the question.

But just because it is hot doesn't mean I can just go around wearing any old thing! No way. At Christmas, I like to make a little extra effort and wear pretty dresses in festive colours. Dressing pretty and wearing colours isn't something I often do during the rest of year. In fact, I have some dresses that only come out for a quick stint in December before they get relegated back to the depths of my wardrobe. Also, I tend to up the ante and wear what could only really be considered party dresses, even if I don't have a party to attend (like going to the office, for example).

If I had my pick this year, I would love to wear this gorgeous red lace dress from Lover - I'd like to wear it to work, to the shops, to the park - I would like to wear it EVERYWHERE!!!

Also, I would like this pretty cream one (also by Lover):


I could wear it with my red shoes!!!

Sometimes I wish I had the motivation to dress this cute all year round. Pretty much as soon as the new year hits, I am back to wearing outfits with a bit of a harder edge - lots of black, cigarette trousers, t-shirts, pencil skirts. Very low on the flounce.

I have just one week left before I head off to the States and I am going to be looking to these gorgeous young things for inspiration - they always seem to dress pretty and festive, no matter what time of year it is:

Rachel Bilson

Zooey Deschanel

(Gah!!!! Could Zooey be any cuter??? And this such a Christmassy outfit - she looks like a sassy elf. Ca-ute.)

Alexa Chung

Dita Von Teese


Elizabeth Olsen


Camilla Belle


Ok, so maybe I can't get away with wearing Camilla Belle's gorgeous little green frock to work, but I couldn't leave her out. She may not be the best actress (I think the only thing I have ever seen her in was a remake of an 80s horror movie...) but she looks perfect in pretty much every photo I have ever seen of her. Also, this dress would be ideal for a cocktail party on a balmy Summer night in Sydney (ok - so maybe not with the weather we have been having this year where you need to wear something with sleeves and gum boots - but ordinarily it would be a perfect choice).

I just realised that this is probably my last post for 2011. How sad! But fear not, I will be collecting heaps of photos and ideas while I am on holiday and will be back before your New Year's hangovers have worn off with many more style musings and whinges.

Merry Christmukkah everyone!!!!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Maxing out at work

Long skirts don't really live in the workplace. They usually seem too summery or too hippie-like. Or sometimes too evening wearish.

But after checking out this article on The Vine and looking at the pretty photos of off-duty models wearing maxi skirts and dresses - occasionally paired with a neat blazer - I started wondering if long skirts and dresses really did have to be off-limits for office-wear.

Yes, you read that correctly. I saw photos of freakishly tall, willowy and generally flawless models wearing a tricky trend and thought, 'Hey, that is for me! And why don't I try it out at the one place where what I am wearing could actually have a negative impact on my future.'

I am that much of a muppet.

And I also happened to be a muppet who already had a lovely, plain, black dress in her wardrobe that has probably only been worn once. So why the hell not, right?

As it had long sleeves, I put a contrasting belt on to make sure it didn't look like something Morticia would wear (not usually a  negative thing for me but I was dressing for work after all). I also made sure I had a blazer handy in case I had to run to any meetings.

I love the scooped back - it makes me feel like a ballerina. And I like feeling like a ballerina.

I am calling it a success. I won't be putting it on high-rotation or anything but it will be nice for those times when I am feeling a bit bored with my work clothes and need something to pick me up.

Also, it makes me think I need more long skirts. Hello, shopbop!