Thursday, December 1, 2011

Maxing out at work

Long skirts don't really live in the workplace. They usually seem too summery or too hippie-like. Or sometimes too evening wearish.

But after checking out this article on The Vine and looking at the pretty photos of off-duty models wearing maxi skirts and dresses - occasionally paired with a neat blazer - I started wondering if long skirts and dresses really did have to be off-limits for office-wear.

Yes, you read that correctly. I saw photos of freakishly tall, willowy and generally flawless models wearing a tricky trend and thought, 'Hey, that is for me! And why don't I try it out at the one place where what I am wearing could actually have a negative impact on my future.'

I am that much of a muppet.

And I also happened to be a muppet who already had a lovely, plain, black dress in her wardrobe that has probably only been worn once. So why the hell not, right?

As it had long sleeves, I put a contrasting belt on to make sure it didn't look like something Morticia would wear (not usually a  negative thing for me but I was dressing for work after all). I also made sure I had a blazer handy in case I had to run to any meetings.

I love the scooped back - it makes me feel like a ballerina. And I like feeling like a ballerina.

I am calling it a success. I won't be putting it on high-rotation or anything but it will be nice for those times when I am feeling a bit bored with my work clothes and need something to pick me up.

Also, it makes me think I need more long skirts. Hello, shopbop!


Siobhan said...

Love the scooped back! I want one!!

Anonymous said...

You're OK kid-Totally proud of you