Sunday, December 11, 2011

Festive frocks

It is almost Christmas you guys! This time of year makes me dizzy with happiness. I like to run around the office, wearing tinsel or a santa hat (or both!!!!) and spreading festive cheer wherever I may go!

Basically, if you don't dig Christmas, you'd be best avoiding me throughout December.

This year, I am going to be in Chicago and New York where it will hopefully be snowing and where I will hopefully looking something like this:


(Except without the white leggings - I couldn't pull those off when I was a teenager, let alone in my 30s.)

And I am hoping that husband will look something like this:

Mmmm lovely! Colin Firth in a reindeer jumper is such a great combo.

Normally, though, I am sweating it out at Christmas time in the Australian heat and this kind of thing is completely out of the question.

But just because it is hot doesn't mean I can just go around wearing any old thing! No way. At Christmas, I like to make a little extra effort and wear pretty dresses in festive colours. Dressing pretty and wearing colours isn't something I often do during the rest of year. In fact, I have some dresses that only come out for a quick stint in December before they get relegated back to the depths of my wardrobe. Also, I tend to up the ante and wear what could only really be considered party dresses, even if I don't have a party to attend (like going to the office, for example).

If I had my pick this year, I would love to wear this gorgeous red lace dress from Lover - I'd like to wear it to work, to the shops, to the park - I would like to wear it EVERYWHERE!!!

Also, I would like this pretty cream one (also by Lover):


I could wear it with my red shoes!!!

Sometimes I wish I had the motivation to dress this cute all year round. Pretty much as soon as the new year hits, I am back to wearing outfits with a bit of a harder edge - lots of black, cigarette trousers, t-shirts, pencil skirts. Very low on the flounce.

I have just one week left before I head off to the States and I am going to be looking to these gorgeous young things for inspiration - they always seem to dress pretty and festive, no matter what time of year it is:

Rachel Bilson

Zooey Deschanel

(Gah!!!! Could Zooey be any cuter??? And this such a Christmassy outfit - she looks like a sassy elf. Ca-ute.)

Alexa Chung

Dita Von Teese


Elizabeth Olsen


Camilla Belle


Ok, so maybe I can't get away with wearing Camilla Belle's gorgeous little green frock to work, but I couldn't leave her out. She may not be the best actress (I think the only thing I have ever seen her in was a remake of an 80s horror movie...) but she looks perfect in pretty much every photo I have ever seen of her. Also, this dress would be ideal for a cocktail party on a balmy Summer night in Sydney (ok - so maybe not with the weather we have been having this year where you need to wear something with sleeves and gum boots - but ordinarily it would be a perfect choice).

I just realised that this is probably my last post for 2011. How sad! But fear not, I will be collecting heaps of photos and ideas while I am on holiday and will be back before your New Year's hangovers have worn off with many more style musings and whinges.

Merry Christmukkah everyone!!!!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Maxing out at work

Long skirts don't really live in the workplace. They usually seem too summery or too hippie-like. Or sometimes too evening wearish.

But after checking out this article on The Vine and looking at the pretty photos of off-duty models wearing maxi skirts and dresses - occasionally paired with a neat blazer - I started wondering if long skirts and dresses really did have to be off-limits for office-wear.

Yes, you read that correctly. I saw photos of freakishly tall, willowy and generally flawless models wearing a tricky trend and thought, 'Hey, that is for me! And why don't I try it out at the one place where what I am wearing could actually have a negative impact on my future.'

I am that much of a muppet.

And I also happened to be a muppet who already had a lovely, plain, black dress in her wardrobe that has probably only been worn once. So why the hell not, right?

As it had long sleeves, I put a contrasting belt on to make sure it didn't look like something Morticia would wear (not usually a  negative thing for me but I was dressing for work after all). I also made sure I had a blazer handy in case I had to run to any meetings.

I love the scooped back - it makes me feel like a ballerina. And I like feeling like a ballerina.

I am calling it a success. I won't be putting it on high-rotation or anything but it will be nice for those times when I am feeling a bit bored with my work clothes and need something to pick me up.

Also, it makes me think I need more long skirts. Hello, shopbop!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter wondering

What? Winter? But it is November!

That might be so, but right now I am obsessed with Winter dressing. You see, I am going to be spending Christmas in the New York this year and it is going to be cold. Stupid cold. Snow cold.

And while the thought of having a proper white Christmas thrills me to the core, as born and bred Australian lass, I am more than a little concerned that I won't be properly prepared for the freezing temperatures that come with it.

Easy - I should just wear more clothes, right?

Not so fast, my stylistically challenged friend. There are two complicating factors here that makes 'just wearing more clothes' near impossible:

  1. I want to look cute in all of my travel photos and not like a giant pile of wool - otherwise it will be harder to make people jealous of me (and if people aren't jealous, what is the point of travelling?); and
  2. Thanks to the strong Australian dollar and the fact that clothes are ridiculously overpriced here, I plan on shopping like a crazy person when I get to the US - this means I have to go there with only the bare minimum in my suitcase so that I have lots of room and weight allowance left to bring all my shopping back home with me. And Winter clothes tend to be heavy and take up oodles of space.
Tricky, tricky, tricky. 

Also, as is so often the case with my clothing dilemmas, there are my delusions to deal with.  In my mind, this is how I will look when I am walking around New York:


However, given that I am not actually a 6 foot tall model and also the fact that I really, reeeeally don't like to feel cold, I am far more likely to look something like this:

Happy and cute? Maybe. But not really the aesthetic that I am hoping to achieve.

The packing issue is easily fixed when I think about it. I just need to pack one, maybe two full outfits and then just buy everything else when I am there. Easy-peasy! What I do take with me, though, will need to be  pretty versatile and warm enough to at least get from the hotel to the first shop. 

So I am thinking I will pack at least the following:
  • My heavy, black peacoat. It has a hood and is padded so it should be a good outer layer and will go with pretty much anything other than evening wear. 
  • A few pairs of thick leggings and a bunch of fleece-lined opaque tights. If it is too cold for just one pair, I will double them up. All of these will be black.
  • Maybe one pair of black jeans but honestly I prefer leggings when it is cold and jeans are sooooo cheap in America that I can just buy some when I get there. Oh lovely America!!!
  • A few long sleeved tops that are thin (for layering) but that cover my butt (so I can wear them with leggings). Probably stick to blacks and greys - maybe white - for my tops. I don't think I will bother taking my big jumpers that I would wear in Sydney in Winter as they are just too bulky to pack and too chunky to fit under the peacoat. Also, I will buy heaps more tops when I get there. 
  • A couple of scarves but nothing too flash - I think I will buy more when I get there so might take a couple of the cheap 'pashminas' that I picked up in Egypt years ago that I can chuck if I don't have room to bring them back.
  • A wooly beanie - but again I might buy a cuter one (or a dozen) when I get there but at least my ears will be warm from day one.
  • Super warm socks, leg-warmers (I love my leg-warmers so BACK OFF!), and knee high socks.
  • Ear muffs!!!!! 
  • My big boots. If it is snowing like crazy, though, I am going to buy some snow boots when I get there because I hate having wet or cold feet and I do NOT want to ruin my beloved boots. 
Hmmm... Am I missing anything major?

I am sure that I will end up panicking between now and leaving and will probably buy stupid things before I leave and end up packing way too much stuff that I don't even end up wearing, but at least I have a plan, right?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week two - three days in one post!

Oops! This week got a little away from me and now, here we are at Wednesday and I haven't posted one outfit this week. Bad me!

So here we go:

After a week of black and white (but with important splashes of red!), I started off the week in the mood to add a little colour.

And while I have a reputation for only wearing dark, neutral clothes, I actually don't have a problem with colour - so long as it is paired with a lot of black.

I would also normally only ever do one colour at a time. But on Monday, I was feeling sassy! After already choosing a bright, fuchsia shell top and adding a plain black pencil skirt and belt, I bypassed all my usual silver and black jewellery and chose a mess of green glass beads that I bought years ago when I was in Dubai. It would normally only ever get added to a black or grey outfit but not anymore!

Of course, the other splash of colour was the soles of my lovely, lovely shoes. While I do love fashion and especially love shoes, I don't normally spend silly amounts on buying designer labels. But I promised myself I would buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes if I stayed in my job long enough to get to the next level. I got my promotion last year and bought these while I was in the US a few months after.

Extravagant, yes. But hard earned and super lovely (and comfy - it is true!) so totally worth it.

Not only did I have to see clients on Tuesday, it was also my birthday! Yay!

And because I was feeling a little "all about me" from the second I woke up, I was not about to dress to blend in.  I also needed to pick something that I could wear out after work and that would also look professional for my client meeting if I threw a black jacket over it.

The first thing I chose was the red skirt. It is pretty new, super bright and bound to get attention. The last time that I wore it, though I think I just added black opaques and a black t-shirt because I felt that the skirt was bold enough on its own. But after Monday's successful matching of fuchsia and green, I decided a striped top would be more fun and give the look a bit of a French twist. Which I love!

(Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo at work in all the birthday excitement so the above photo is a bit rough and taken at the end of the day - but you get the general idea!)

Which brings us to today. And seeing as though I had already been mixing it up this week, I figured I should keep it going.

I think I must have bought this dress at the end of last Summer because I feel like I bought it ages ago but have only worn it once maybe twice before. When I found it lurking at the back of my wardrobe this morning, I decided it deserved to have a day in the sun.

Being a pretty, pale pink, it is not my usual kind of thing but I really love it. The material is gorgeous and so is the cut. It is a little bit short but seems ok for work if I add my old faithful opaque tights.

Given that it is so girly, I didn't want to fuss it up any more with jewellery and wore it plain. I wanted to channel a kind of Mia Wasikowska look - something a little fresher than I would normally do. I did put some darker make up on though, including a deep purple lipstick, so I didn't feel like I was fading away completely.

And that is it for this week! I will be spending the rest of the week all puffed up and bruised after my dental surgery so I can guarantee I will NOT be posting anymore photos of me for the next little while.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy birthday, Mr Gosling

Word on the interwebs is that my favourite boy was 31 yesterday.

Getting older is hard, but looking at Ryan makes it easier.




See? Now I don't even care that he is a whole year younger than me. I am just happy that he exists.

Makes sense he would be a Scorpio too. All Scorpios are incredibly sexy and also very smart and very sweet. This is just a fact.

Seriously. Google it.

The weekend update

You have had a whole day without knowing what I am wearing so, even though I haven't been at work, I have decided to throw you a couple pics so you can see what I knock around in.

Saturday, I had to meet some of my favourite people for brunch in Surry Hills and then went shopping (because that is what I do best) for some new things for the house (and for me - whatever). It is starting to really warm up now in Sydney too so I was able to get my legs out from under the opaque tights for once. Ah and how their pastiness glowed in the sunlight!

Husband suggested that I might want to rethink my top because it didn't really go with the skirt. When I argued that I was just contrasting textures and that it totally worked, he admitted that he actually just hated the skirt. Which is just silly because: a) the skirt is ace; and b) he had originally complained about the top!

I chose to ignore him though. He can veto shorts but I am not going to start letting him dictate what skirts I can wear - I have drawn a line! Humph.

Anyway, today we went to the Newtown Festival which was nice - it was kinda sunny again and the festival was in a lovely park with live music and there were cute dogs running around everywhere. More annoyingly, there were a lot of people (and their annoying children) running around everywhere too but I remained tolerant and calm. Until I wasn't, so then we left.

I decided to give my tattoo a bit of attention - it is almost a whole year old! - so I wore a tied singlet that showed it off. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea and, after seeing everyone else's cool ink, I am so very keen to get another one done ASAP.

Husband apparently approved of this outfit. He is very difficult to predict. I think I should stop bothering to even ask him any more.

In other news - I have decided that I will keep posting pics of my outfits next week because I am only at work for three days anyway. After that, I am getting dental surgery (boooooooo!) so I will be hanging out at home with the cats, drinking my meals and taking pain killers. And hopefully this means that I will then have time to do a proper post about something other than me and my wardrobe woes.

Hope that works for you guys!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Day five, outfit five (plus a bonus pic!)

While Fridays are usually casual at my office, today I had to see clients so that wasn't an option.

Which is ok by me. Casual Fridays, are fine in theory but freak me out a little in practice because you can't wear whatever you would actually wear when you are hanging out, being casual and what not. Well - I can't anyway. I have to wear these weird, sanitised, "casual" outfits so I don't offend any of my colleagues. This may not be a problem for most people, but there is a "casual Friday policy" in place at work that prohibits me rocking up in the stuff I would wear on the weekends. It isn't that my normal clothes are offensive per se, but they are definitely a little too "grungy" for an office environment.

But today I had to look nice. I wore my go-to dress for when I want to look a bit more professional (but not stiff or over the top). I don't wear it every week or anything but it is definitely part of my usual rotation.

It's a little DVF number that I picked up earlier this year and it is super-comfy and quite flattering. But it is also pretty plain, so I paired it with some striped stockings and wore red lipstick to brighten the whole look up a bit:

The other thing that I added was a brooch - which is of a skull with flames coming out of it but this usually goes unnoticed. Which I think is cool. Like it is my little secret.

And that, my lovely readers, is the last outfit of my working week! While the start of the week felt a bit like a struggle, I actually ended up enjoying having a reason to try a little harder each morning. And I definitely liked the fact that some of my neglected pieces got to see the light of day again.

Oh and the red shoes! I definitely liked the red shoes!

But wait, there is more!!!

As a bonus (because it is Friday and Fridays make me feel really, really happy and super-generous), I thought I would also add a photo of what I wore out after work tonight!!! Just dinner with my husband in our local burb but enough to want to get changed out of my work gear:

Yep - all black. No big surprises here, I am sure. And with my lovely boots! Oh, how I love these boots. In fact, the worst thing about the weather getting warmer is that I will be wearing them less and less.

Am not sure yet if I will keep doing this next week - I imagine you will be getting over it all by now (if you were, in fact, on it to begin with). So feel free to let me know what you think - are you are getting bored senseless or are you getting some kind of sick pleasure out of this? If I get enough interest, I can keep going. But also happy to go back to my usual posts too. Because they usually focus on making fun of other people which is way cool fun for me.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day four, outfit four

I am now the proud owner of red high heels!

I have wanted a pair for goodness knows how long, but I would always go with boring black or, on very rare occassions, maybe a silver pair. I always viewed shoes as an investment so I have always been wary of buying a pair that may not go with absolutely everything.

But then I saw these little guys yesterday (on saaaaaaaaaale!) and just had to have them:

I was actually meant to just be buying the white t-shirt. I love a white t-shirt but find that I have to buy new ones all the damn time because I have never worked out how to wash white things without turning them grey-ish in like two or three washes. This may be the one thing that will stop me from ever becoming a proper adult.

And the scarf is yet another severely neglected accessory from my wardrobe. I am pretty sure that I have worn it a grand total of never before today. It is super pretty (up close you can see a purple floral pattern running through it) but the last time I thought about wearing it, I thought it made me look like an air-hostess.

But I think it works with the shoes. And the t-shirt stops it from being too prim.

So all in all, am very happy with today's effort.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day three, outfit three

The dress I wore today is from Willow. To be honest. it is not my usual kind of thing - it is far more structured than the type of clothes I would normally wear and is a little bit complicated. Also it is cream and I don't normally try not to wear cream - I worry that it will just blend in with my hair and skin which are also kind of cream-coloured.

But I got it for such a great price and I was feeling daring so thought, what the hey! 

Wow - it really is the same colour as my hair. 

I haven't worn it many times but I get a lot of compliments whenever I do (although  perhaps people are just surprised that I have made more of an effort than usual and want to encourage this behaviour).

It is also one of the few dresses that I actually wear a belt with. The shop assistant who sold it to me did that whole standard line, "Oh, I think it would look really great with, like, a belt? To accent your waist?" (Not questions - that is just how she spoke.) And while I nodded along in agreement, I was pretty sure it would look a bit crap with a belt. But she was right! Who'd have thunk it?

And this necklace is very special. I got it from a market in Cairo and very nearly left without it because I was getting bored and exhausted from all the bartering. But thankfully the guy selling it chased me down and agreed to my low-ball/ totally reasonable offer. I was so relieved because I really, really wanted it and would have regretted not buying it.

So day three - done! Too easy. 

Also I cheated a little by accidentally buying something on my way back from yoga today so I already have my outfit worked out in my head for tomorrow. Totally sorted. Woot!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day two, outfit two

So day two and this is already starting to stress me out.

I figured I should go with all black and then just focus on the jewellery and shoes. This calmed me a bit. Plus it meant that I got to wear this cool necklace that I think I have worn once since I bought it over a year ago. Oops!

You can't really tell in the photos but the shoes are metallic - sort of a gun-metal grey. They are real pretty.

I think this is a much better attempt than yesterday's outfit (although I was told that my grey suit actually looks better IRL than it does in the photos so maybe I was too hard on myself). Am already fretting about tomorrow though - surely it will just get harder each day? Eep!

I have also decided that I am definitely NOT photogenic. (Although, as the lovely friend who has the unenviable task of photographing me likes to remind me - being photogenic just means you are uglier in real life. I like to believe that is true.) Still - expect more photos with me looking away or at my feet over the next few days.

Are we having fun yet?  xox

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day one, outfit one

So following from my last post, I have decided to post a photo of my outfit each day for at least a week so that we can all track my progress. Also, it will keep me accountable so I keep making more of an effort with what I wear to work.

I thought I would start off the week with something simple - dark grey suit with some gothic-ish jewellery.

My verdict? Meh. The suit is actually not as cute as it was in my head. Maybe they would work better as separates? I do like the jewellery though and it definitely adds an edge.

Also I love my shoes - they are cute, platform Pedro Garcia heels and they are super-comfy even though they are pretty damn high.

So overall it is an improvement but not great. Maybe a 6 out of 10.

Hmm - must try harder tomorrow.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back on the work horse

I have started to get a bit slack at work. Not in terms of the work that I produce - it is my outfits that have started to get a bit sub-par. I have put it down to the fact that it is in between seasons at the moment but I think it is really because I have just gotten lazy.

Ordinarily, I would just have addressed this by going on the mother of all shopping binges but given that I am *technically* under a shopping ban until I go overseas at Christmas (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!) I have had to look for my inspiration elsewhere.

So I have hit the interwebs to look at pictures of those whose style I hold in the highest esteem. Sadly, though, dressing like Courtney Love, Patti Smith or Edie Sedgwick is not going to fly in an office environment (booooooooo!). What I need are awesome new outfits that make me look like a rock star but in a way that doesn't scare off the corporate types. Oh and that don't require me buy anything new. Hmmm... tricky, tricky, tricky.

After an hour or so on Google, I have decided that I am going to be solely taking all future style direction from the gorgeous Kate Lanphear (style director at US Elle and ex Australian Vogue and Harpers).  It just makes sense - she has short platinum hair, an aversion to all things colourful and a love of big-ass boots. She is basically like me but with more money, more style and a more fabulous job. So the same really.

Here are a few of her looks of hers that I want to start rocking - and I think they can work even in a strict corporate office environment.






Also, what is very cool about the above outfits is the fact that I own a lot of things already that, if I could be bothered ironing them, would be perfect to create this look. But ironing!  Ugh. I don't see that lasting very long...

One other thing that I need to work on is my jewellery - as in I clearly need to wear more of it! I have a few cool pieces that I like to mix and match but Kate takes it to a whole new level.


And surely it wouldn't hurt if I just bought a few big rings and spikey cuffs - it isn't really like proper shopping if it is only for accessories, right? It is like updating the clothes I already have. And that saves money! Right?


Or maybe, if people really, really love me, they will buy me shiny pretty things for my birthday which is only a week away. I can totally wait a week. And I will need pretty things to help me deal with the fact that I am yet another year further away from my 20s.

It is jewellery or self-harm people - it is up to you!

(And by "you" I mean my husband. And by "self-harm" I mean new tattoos, a haircut, colour or possibly botox.)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Killing it **UPDATED with more Halloween photos of meeeee!**

I mentioned a couple of posts back that I wanted to dress up as a slutty Rainbow Brite for Halloween. But as it turns out, I didn't end up going anywhere for Halloween this year that gave me an excuse to dress up.

Major sad face.

Because how many other chances do you get in a year to legitimately dress up as a slutty Rainbow Brite? Two, maybe three tops. But, instead, this year I am hanging at home with the husband and my cats, eating brownies and watching Army of Darkness. Yes that is fairly awesome, but I am dressed in my jammies and not in a multi-coloured mini dress with striped thigh-highs so that is a bit of a bummer.

And don't get me wrong - it isn't the dressing up slutty that I miss. Hell, that is something that can be done any day of the week just by forgetting to wear a skirt. It is the pretending to be someone else for a night that I miss the most.

Lindsey Lohan's character in "Mean Girls" keenly observed, "in Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." 

And for most girls this certainly appears to be true. But I have always preferred to go for gore over looking tarty:

(In case you are wondering, I was dressed as Lavinia from Titus Andronicus. Yeah. No one at the party got it either. I ended up just telling people I was a zombie after I got sick of explaining it a hundred times.)

Dressing slutty at Halloween is definitely the default position for celebrities - this time of year we are bombarded with a parade of C-list starlets dressed in their little sister's Bo-Peep costume or a pvc catsuit. 

However, I have been able to find examples of a couple of gorgeous celebs that really are a treat instead of an evil, whorish trick:

1. Chloe Sevigny as Joan of Arc
This. Is. Brilliant.

Because Chloe isn't just dressed up as Joan of Arc - the earphones and walkman were referencing lyrics from The Smith's song, "Bigmouth Strikes Again" ("Now I know how Joan of Arc felt, as the flames rose to her Roman nose and her Walkman started to melt"). 

Yeah, that is about as hipster as a Halloween costume can get!

2. Agnyess Deyn and Alex Chung as Wayne and Garth (Wayne's World)

 How cute do these model friends look?

This just goes to show that, when you are ridiculously good looking for a living, you don't need to put it all on show to get attention and get all the boys.

3. Evan Rachel Wood as Magenta (Rocky Horror Picture Show)


I love a good Rocky Horror costume! And it would be so easy to make this smutty by raising the hem or wearing stripper boots - but Rachel has kept it sassy but classy.

4. Amanda Seyfried as some kind of a dog

Ok. So this isn't particularly clever and took naff all effort. But there is no denying that Amanda looks stupidly adorable in this puppy costume.

5. Elisha Cuthbert as Alex DeLarge (A Clockwork Orange)

It would have been pretty easy for cutie Elisha Cuthbert to show off her little bod in a tiny fairy costume or Wonder Woman outfit, but she chose this instead. It probably got her photo into less magazines but I give her major props for not slutting it up like her peers.

6. Kate Beckinsdale as Bride of Frankenstein 

I think Kate is trick-or-treating with her kiddies here so it wouldn't have been appropriate for her to wear anything too skimpy. She looks so gorgeous in this get-up. Although you would think that she would be sick of wearing corsets by now...

7. Michelle Trachtenberg - Pageant princess

Nothing is scarier than a pageant princess, after all! So adorable. Michelle seems to normally go for a miniskirt version of an otherwise respectable costume (one year she was a slutty Snow White, for example), but this choice is much nicer.

So, that is it for me this Halloween. Back to the chocolate and the Evil Dead!!!

**EDIT** Ask and you shall receive! Due to popular demand (Well... I got one request. And I think it might have been from my husband) - here are some pics of my Halloween costumes over the years!!!!

Akasha from Queen of the Damned

Another one as Lavinia/ random zombie

Ventriloquist dummy 

This was just for a Halloween Ball - I'm not meant to be anything in particular...

GoGo from Kill Bill 
(I also had a very cool meteor that I hit everyone with all night)

Zombie cheerleader

You're welcome!!! :)