Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back on the work horse

I have started to get a bit slack at work. Not in terms of the work that I produce - it is my outfits that have started to get a bit sub-par. I have put it down to the fact that it is in between seasons at the moment but I think it is really because I have just gotten lazy.

Ordinarily, I would just have addressed this by going on the mother of all shopping binges but given that I am *technically* under a shopping ban until I go overseas at Christmas (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!) I have had to look for my inspiration elsewhere.

So I have hit the interwebs to look at pictures of those whose style I hold in the highest esteem. Sadly, though, dressing like Courtney Love, Patti Smith or Edie Sedgwick is not going to fly in an office environment (booooooooo!). What I need are awesome new outfits that make me look like a rock star but in a way that doesn't scare off the corporate types. Oh and that don't require me buy anything new. Hmmm... tricky, tricky, tricky.

After an hour or so on Google, I have decided that I am going to be solely taking all future style direction from the gorgeous Kate Lanphear (style director at US Elle and ex Australian Vogue and Harpers).  It just makes sense - she has short platinum hair, an aversion to all things colourful and a love of big-ass boots. She is basically like me but with more money, more style and a more fabulous job. So the same really.

Here are a few of her looks of hers that I want to start rocking - and I think they can work even in a strict corporate office environment.






Also, what is very cool about the above outfits is the fact that I own a lot of things already that, if I could be bothered ironing them, would be perfect to create this look. But ironing!  Ugh. I don't see that lasting very long...

One other thing that I need to work on is my jewellery - as in I clearly need to wear more of it! I have a few cool pieces that I like to mix and match but Kate takes it to a whole new level.


And surely it wouldn't hurt if I just bought a few big rings and spikey cuffs - it isn't really like proper shopping if it is only for accessories, right? It is like updating the clothes I already have. And that saves money! Right?


Or maybe, if people really, really love me, they will buy me shiny pretty things for my birthday which is only a week away. I can totally wait a week. And I will need pretty things to help me deal with the fact that I am yet another year further away from my 20s.

It is jewellery or self-harm people - it is up to you!

(And by "you" I mean my husband. And by "self-harm" I mean new tattoos, a haircut, colour or possibly botox.)


Siobhan said...

Loving The Lanphear - is the bored pout a pre-requisite?

mitch bellach said...

what are you doing posting at 2.48 am!??

also 3rd pick in... but you might need to grow your frullet a bitmore.

Charmaine said...

Hee! Yep, the same really.

Charmaine said...

Also, love the grey jacket in the sixth (?) photo. I think you need that jacket.

Emma M said...

Siobhan - the only photos that I found of her with anything even resembling a smile seemed to be taken at events where much alcohol was being consumed... So - yes. It appears that the bored pout is essential to her look. Must work on that.

Mitch - totally agree about my frullet. It is a bit of a work-in-progress at the moment but I will get there dammit!

And Char - I dooooo need that jacket! But that doesn't fit in with the whole "not shopping" thing. Harumph!