Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day four, outfit four

I am now the proud owner of red high heels!

I have wanted a pair for goodness knows how long, but I would always go with boring black or, on very rare occassions, maybe a silver pair. I always viewed shoes as an investment so I have always been wary of buying a pair that may not go with absolutely everything.

But then I saw these little guys yesterday (on saaaaaaaaaale!) and just had to have them:

I was actually meant to just be buying the white t-shirt. I love a white t-shirt but find that I have to buy new ones all the damn time because I have never worked out how to wash white things without turning them grey-ish in like two or three washes. This may be the one thing that will stop me from ever becoming a proper adult.

And the scarf is yet another severely neglected accessory from my wardrobe. I am pretty sure that I have worn it a grand total of never before today. It is super pretty (up close you can see a purple floral pattern running through it) but the last time I thought about wearing it, I thought it made me look like an air-hostess.

But I think it works with the shoes. And the t-shirt stops it from being too prim.

So all in all, am very happy with today's effort.


Emma M said...

And Char - no ironing required today! (That is another beauty of just buying a new t-shirt instead of washing and ironing one you already own like a real grown-up.)

Charmaine said...

Red shoes make me happy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gem-hope your accident cover includes ankles and leg breaks!-like the new look

ichbinmr said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit. the shoes, OH *swoon* the shoes!