Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day three, outfit three

The dress I wore today is from Willow. To be honest. it is not my usual kind of thing - it is far more structured than the type of clothes I would normally wear and is a little bit complicated. Also it is cream and I don't normally try not to wear cream - I worry that it will just blend in with my hair and skin which are also kind of cream-coloured.

But I got it for such a great price and I was feeling daring so thought, what the hey! 

Wow - it really is the same colour as my hair. 

I haven't worn it many times but I get a lot of compliments whenever I do (although  perhaps people are just surprised that I have made more of an effort than usual and want to encourage this behaviour).

It is also one of the few dresses that I actually wear a belt with. The shop assistant who sold it to me did that whole standard line, "Oh, I think it would look really great with, like, a belt? To accent your waist?" (Not questions - that is just how she spoke.) And while I nodded along in agreement, I was pretty sure it would look a bit crap with a belt. But she was right! Who'd have thunk it?

And this necklace is very special. I got it from a market in Cairo and very nearly left without it because I was getting bored and exhausted from all the bartering. But thankfully the guy selling it chased me down and agreed to my low-ball/ totally reasonable offer. I was so relieved because I really, really wanted it and would have regretted not buying it.

So day three - done! Too easy. 

Also I cheated a little by accidentally buying something on my way back from yoga today so I already have my outfit worked out in my head for tomorrow. Totally sorted. Woot!


Sweet Lime and Spiced Tea said...

LOVE this look. Definitely my favourite look so far. I'm excited to see what you wear tomorrow!
jas xx

Charmaine said...

Again with the ironing! I'm so impressed. (I note also that the clothes which were subjected to the ironing are also pretty awesome).

Anonymous said...

Hi Gem-really does look good-dad