Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolutions that don't suck

Christmas is done.

Time to put down that mince pie and start thinking about the new year that you are about to embark on.

Because no matter how crappy last year was for you, 2013 has something that 2012 hasn't got:


Which is why, at the end of each year, we all feel compelled to come up with a list of things that we are currently failing miserably at with the hope that this will somehow make us more focussed on doing things differently in the new year.

Unfortunately though, notwithstanding best intentions, most people manage maybe a couple of weeks of sticking to their resolutions before going back to their old ways. At least until next year, when they start to think about it all over again.

I have a pretty woeful record myself. Giving up caffeine, going vegan (I ended up doing this but not off the back of a new year's resolution), exercising more, focussing on my career, reading more - all of them managed to keep me interested until about January 5 before the drudgery of day to day life made keeping my new resolutions seem unimportant and, to be honest, a bit of a pain in the arse.

Last year I had a pretty massive list of things to change or improve on in 2012. I wanted to do more yoga, eat better, be more organised, try new things, spend more time with friends and family, give more to charity (but do proper research first so my money went where it would help the most), draw, write, dance, sing and read more, see more bands, see more theatre blah blah blah. It was ridiculous. Way too much stuff to focus on for 5 days.

But each one was actually important to me so I didn't want to just give up on them all together either.

So, rather than set myself up to fail (again) I decided that I would spread them out over the whole year instead. I picked one thing that I wanted to work on for each month of the year. This way, I wouldn't have to feel guilty about something that was on the list just because I hadn't done it in January - I knew I would be getting to it later on in the year (maybe)!

For example, February was all about work - getting more organised, finding out what training sessions were on, looking into getting an executive coach etc. I didn't have to get it all done by a particular date or anything - I just had to think about what I wanted to improve about my work life in February and set a few things in motion. September was devoted to yoga - so I decided I would try to do yoga at least once a day for the whole month (I think I missed three days), tried out different classes and signed up for online classes on YogaGlo so I could do more yoga at home.

I made a big calendar with all the different resolutions set out on it at the start of the year and I stuck it up in my office. All year long I would look at it to see what was coming up or maybe what I had accidentally skipped (oops!). Sometimes I would even get really excited about it - like the month that was all about culture where I got to book tickets to see lots of different plays, bands, talks etc that were coming up.

It wasn't a total success - some resolutions got pretty much ignored - but it was definitely better than my attempts in previous years. And I kept doing things all year long so it was a far more achievable and balanced than the usual approach.

And this year, I am doing it again! Here is what I have got so far:

It is going to be a HUGE yoga year for me as I am starting my teacher training - so it gets TWO months dedicated to it.

The "finance" month is part self-imposed and part husband-imposed. Apparently I buy too many clothes. I mean, really! While I am not conceding the point, I do think that I should start planning my expenses better and maybe we could start saving for... something. I don't know. Husband mentioned an investment property but I am thinking a Chanel LBJ (little black jacket for those not in the know).

Either way, April should be... interesting.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Heaven knows I'm miserable now

The other week was a really shitty week. Nothing incredibly bad happened to me or anything like that. I just kind of bounced from one shitty thing to another and it left me feeling flat. Actually, if I am to be totally honest, it left me in a blubbering, snotty ball. Have you ever seen a goth, or even a demi-goth like me, crying? Picture something like this:


Not a good look. Not to mention a massive waste of eyeliner and mascara.

I know that life is full of up and downs and what-not and that we all go through these dark periods. But that doesn't stop it from being sucky when it is happening to you. Especially when it is happening around Christmas, which is one of my favourite times of year.

And while, back when I was a teenager and even in my 20s, I perversely kind of enjoyed wallowing in my own black pit of despair, now I've got stuff to do! I really don't have the time, or the appetite, for anything so self-destructive and self-indulgent.

Now, instead of grabbing a tub of ice-cream, listening to Morrisey for hours on end and watching episodes of Felicity until I literally can't cry anymore (or until I can't handle another second of Felicity flip-flopping over Ben and Noel), I have a few little things that I like to do to ease me out of my funk and back onto smiley street.

1. Hang with my cats
Pets are awesome. They are way better than people. They don't judge you. They don't care if you aren't totally kicking it in your career, your haircut is a bit dodgy or if you stay in every night eating cereal and updating your Tumblr. They just want food, sleep and cuddles. So long as you don't forget the food, they will give you all the love you could ask for.

So whenever I come home after work, all miserable and sooky, I like to spend time with my cats - and pretty soon stuff starts to seem a little bit less crappy.

Because how can a world be bad when you are looking at these furry little faces?

It can't. Fact.

Pretty sure this will work with dogs too. Dogs are fabulous at lavishing undivided attention on you and acting like you are the most important and exciting person in the entire world. Kinda hard to stay stroppy if you are getting that much pet love.

Don't have a kitty or a dog? No worries. Even though I have two of my own, I still like to give random cats that live on my street a good little belly rub and lots of pats. I also like going up to strange (and hopefully friendly) dogs on the street or in the park and giving them lots of pats too. It makes me feel lovely.

Pets truly do rock.

2. Do some yoga
When you are all stressy and down, sometimes it is hard just to get out of bed let alone do some kind of exercise.

But experience has taught me that I will feel soooo much better if I make the effort to drag myself onto my mat and do some yoga - even half an hour can help immensely. Yoga is great because it allows you to focus on your breath and connect with your body which has an immediate calming effect. It stops the chatter in your mind and slows everything right down. Plus you are doing something positive for yourself and your well-being which is uplifting in itself.

While I choose to do yoga as my go-to form of exercise, really doing any kind of physical activity that allows you to get out of your head and give you some space will help. I used to go running, do some boxing or take a dance class and they all worked too. But even just going for a walk would do the job. Just move your body. Exercising can also have the added benefit of physically removing yourself from your usual environment which starts a shift in your mood and helps you get to a better place.

3. Retail therapy
Big surprise, right?

I think the reason retail therapy works for me is that it reminds me of some of the good stuff that comes with being an adult - spending money on useless, pretty things. And given that most of my grumps are usually the product of dealing with all the crap that comes with being a grown-up, indulging in some of good things can bring me a little bit of happy.

Or at the very least it will mean that I can look cute while I am depressed. Win!

It just so happened that Black Milk Clothing was having a massive sale on the first day of my crappy week. I already had a couple of their swimsuits but had always coveted their sexy-ass leggings. And given that I was a blubbering mess and in desperate need of a pick-me-up, I thought I would spoil myself with a couple of pairs (well they were half-price so really it would have been silly to just buy one pair).

And I love them so! Especially these Bone Machine 2.0 ones. Meow!!!

Yes, they break the "leggings are not pants" rule. But when leggings are this awesome, who really cares? Plus, they make me feel rad - so job well done leggings!

4. Watch one of my go-to dvds
There are three particular DVDs that I like to watch when I am feeling stressed and/or sad. And each one has a specific purpose.

When I am feeling unsure of the direction that my life is taking or thinking that I should be more successful than I am, I like to watch Reality Bites.

Watching the life of promising, hopeful and ridiculously gorgeous Lelaina (played by Winona Ryder) completely fall apart and then seeing her eventually crawl out from under the bell jar never fails to give me a happy. (Actually, all we know at the end of the film is that she ends up with Troy. But I like to think that she also finds the perfect job - one that is both challenging and provides her with creative freedom and satisfaction.)

If, however, I am being stomped on by an evil oppressor (usually a boss-figure of some kind) or think that my job is just generally a bit awful, I will watch The Devil Wears Prada. Because next to working for Miranda Priestly - most jobs start to look pretty ok.

(Mind you, my job doesn't come with free designer clothes and trips to Paris. Erm - perhaps it is best not to over-think these things.)

Finally, whenever I am feeling like the odd one out at work and like no one expects me to succeed because I don't really fit in (which is how I feel most of the time at work), I like to watch Legally Blonde. And this is exactly how I was feeling the other week.

Even though I am not the perky, blonde, Barbie doll type, I can totally relate to Elle Wood's character in that movie. And seeing her kick total butt makes me feel totally sparky and motivated to kick some butt of my own.

My husband is well-aware of the magical effects that these three movies have. As soon as I came home, close to tears and looking exhausted, he handed me a cat, ordered my favourite vegan pizza and put Legally Blonde in the DVD player. He is definitely a keeper.

By watching Legally Blonde, spending time with my lovely kitties (and, yes - my husband too), doing a whole lot of yoga and dropping cash online on some sweet-ass leggings, after a few days I was able to drag myself out of my funk and got back to being the awesome me that I am.

Now everything is wonderful again. And just in time for Christmas too! Hooray!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Getting older and more awesomer

Soooooooo it was my birthday last week! I turned 33. Thirty. Three.

The fact that I can write that without needing to breathe into a paper bag actually shows considerable growth on my behalf.

My birthday, and the focus that it throws on my ageing self, has brought me varying degrees of distress each year since I turned 20. Back then, I was having conniptions over the fact that, as I would no longer be a teen, I could no longer blame my many "issues" on "teenage angst". I felt a great deal of pressure to grow the hell up. It was awful.

And, to be honest, all of my birthday woes since then have all kind of been due to the same thing - this idea that I needed to sort myself out already - that should be more together than I was. And also because I really didn't feel as old as my age suggested I should be. Even at 30, I was still feeling like a 16 year old - but a 16 year old who only had a limited amount of time before turning into a boring old fart.

Well, this year, I though "sod that!"

I mean, sure - I am getting on a bit. I have a serious, dull job. I have a mortgage. And I got really excited last month when I bought a Magimix for the kitchen.

But that doesn't mean that I have to turn into a boring person. And I haven't.

What I am realising now is that what I have gained over all these years is a better sense of who I am and what I like. And I really don't feel the need to subscribe to whatever others might think someone of my age, my gender, my profession etc should be like. I am, after years of feeling like and odd, awkward little misfit, feeling very comfortable with just being me. And that means being comfortable with my age too.

And it was with this renewed sense of self and not caring what people thought anymore that I decided that what I really wanted for my birthday was the same thing I have wanted since I was a wee little kid, but never had the guts to get - a skateboard!

And it makes me ridiculously happy!! When I tell people that I got a skateboard for my birthday, they either think it is the best thing ever or they think I am insane. Some of the crueler ones like to remind me that it is much easier to break bones "at my age'. I choose to ignore those people though.

I can't do much more than ride up and down the quiet, flat streets of my hood at the moment but it is a lot of fun. And it is nice to learn something new. Even if that something new could potentially result in stitches or a neck brace. YOLO bitches!!!!

The backpack in the above pics was also a birthday present (from me to me) - it is Deena & Ozzy and I got it from Urban Outfitters.  Ditto the shoes (also Deena & Ozzy) Did you know Urban Outfitters deliver to Australia for free for purchases over $50? Cos they totally do!!!!

My lovely husband also surprised me with this very cool, very goth and very posh Pasotti umbrella with skull handle.

Gah! I can't wait for it to rain now!!!!

He also bought me this pretty sparrow foot Deadly Ponies necklace - because he is lovely.

My birthday was totally rad.

And in addition to getting a crap load of awesome presents, one of my lovely co-workers made me vegan cupcakes that tasted like heaven doused in cinnamon. And I went and saw the final Twilight movies with three of my favourite people. Because I am 33 and I also happen to be Team Edward. Deal with it.

Best birthday EVER!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mainstreaming the underground

Ah - so Halloween is over for another year.

The masses have had their annual, spooky fun wearing dark lipstick, black nail polish, black lace, studs, faux leather, rubber etc etc and now it will once again be something that only the gothy-punky subcultures like to play with.

Well - sort of.

Because the kids are not just getting all vampy by wearing "Team Edward" t-shirts anymore. Cheap and cheerful retailers like TopShop, Urban Outfitters, Dangerfield and ASOS are just brimming with goth-inspired looks (for example, you can buy this bondage-style studded leather harness from TopShop right now for about $50).  

And fashionistas have been having an on-again off-again relationship with dark lipstick and black nail polish for the last few years. The second a designer has a line sprinkled with lace, blood red velvet or dominatrix-style leather or a stylish new, dark movie comes out (hello "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"), goth comes back on the fashion radar and everyone wants in on it. 

Stories like this one recently post on, "Hollywood Gone Goth!", are now pretty standard.  And then there is Scarlett Johansson's recent look on the cover of W Magazine's November anniversary issue:

Hmm - I thought everyone looked better with paler skin and darker hair - but apparently not. Ew, ScarJo! Just, ew. The jewellery looks photoshopped on or something. Actually - the whole look appears to have been photoshopped on to her face. Not good.

And even though I was asked today whether the black stripe in my hair was something that I had done just for Halloween, a lot of the things I wear at the moment no longer seem to be particularly creepy or counterculture and are actually kind of on-trend - even *shudder* mainstream.

I mean, as I pointed out in my last post, I basically have the same look as Miley Cyrus does right now. I can hardly pretend that my look is hardcore anymore, now can I? 

A long time ago, I would probably lump my look under ever increasing umbrella of "alternative" rather than trying to fit it into a particular subculture. But nowadays - given the current desire for, and access to, fast fashion that lets you quickly pick up and drop any look you could possibly dream up - alternative to what exactly? 

So does this appropriation of gothic fashion by the mainstream freak me out? Does it piss me off? 

Nope. Not really. 

While it may have been a pre-occupation of mine when I was a teenager to look or dress in a way that would make me stand out or, better yet, freak people out, these days I am just super happy about how ridiculously easy for me to buy clothes that I like now - and without even having to step foot in a fetish store! 

Seriously, check out this sweet looking rubber and mesh leggings that I nabbed from for about $35. 

How can I complain?

Ok. So it does piss me off a little bit when I see kids wearing band t-shirts when you can be pretty damn sure they NEVER actually listen to the band (like the many Ramones or Nirvana shirts that you see on 14 year old girls at the moment). But even then, if there is a chance that opens up a few of their lives to some of the best music ever written, it is probably for the greater good of man kind. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oh just grow up... later

Sometimes I have these moments where I look at the clothes I wear, my hair style, my makeup, the places I shop and I think "Hmmm - is this really appropriate for a 30-something year old? Maybe I should start acting a bit more like a grown up."

It doesn't help that I have a very serious job at a workplace full of very serious people who spend their spare money on investment properties and share portfolios. Or they don't have spare money because they are super grown up and have had actual children of their own.

I spend my spare money on ASOS, my cats (thanks to the fat one getting diabetes recently the cats are now costing a FORTUNE!), getting my roots done and fashion magazines.

And instead of doing grown up things on my weekends like antiquing, renovations and visiting wineries, I spend my time experimenting with nail art, choosing my next tattoo, drinking copious amounts of coffee and updating my tumblr account (this actually takes up a massive chunk of my time - if they had tumblr when I was at school, I probably would still be there - or if I was lucky, I would maybe have scored a job being the store manager of McDonalds or something).

But these moments of self-reflection rarely lead to me changing my behaviours. In fact, if anything, I think I am getting worse.

Maybe it is because I now live in a bigger city that is more accepting of sub-cultures and has more cool things for me to drop my cash on. Or maybe it is the early onset of a mid-life crisis. Not sure. But the fact is, the things that I wear now are, at least according to tumblr, EXACTLY the same things that depressed teens across the US wear.

Today, for example, I purchased this very cute spiky hairband:

And I also got this AMAZING Black Milk swimsuit/bodysuit:

The shorts are new too - vegan leather Liquorice shorts that I nabbed from ASOS.

It also doesn't help that I kind of have the same haircut as Miley Cyrus.



But I got mine cut like this first so that makes it ok, right? RIGHT?

I actually think Miley has been looking a bit cute recently. But then I would think that - thanks to her recent so-called 'rebellion' against her good-girl disney image, she has been dressing just like me.

Oh god - what am I saying? I dress like Miley Cyrus?!?!

Maybe I do need to start dressing more like a grown up after all...

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Oh but the weather is lovely in Sydney at the moment!

It is really starting to warm up here and the skies are so blue, blue, blue! It is actually nicer today than it was for most of Summer last year. Hopefully it is a sign of things to come.

I went out this morning wearing boots, shorts and a t-shirt (all in black, obvs) but kind of regretted it. It just was just so lovely outside - I just wanted to be wearing something lighter. It was definitely dress weather.

So when I tried on this super cute MinkPink dress, I decided I would wear it out of the store instead of putting my black stuff back on and it felt sooo lovely.

You can't really see it in these pics but... IT HAS A PEGASUS ON IT!!!!! Actually, a couple of them. And I love pegasuses (pegasii?).

Ooooooooh - I love it so!  And it was pretty cheap so yaaaaaay.

If you like it too, you can buy it online - see? (Not sure why it is called "I Believe In Unicorns" though - the horseys have big-ass wings and no horn so, weird.) 

Hooray for warm weather!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thousand island dressing

Following my last post on how my dress sense goes a bit nuts when I'm on holiday in a tropical location, I was determined not to make the same mistakes this time.

So in packing for Thailand, I tried to pack things that more closely resembled what I would wear in my normal life - more plain black dresses, denim cut-offs, band t-shirts and black singlets and much less crazy, floral print dresses and sarongs.

And, for the most part, this was a success.

You can probably guess from the last photo though that, yes, I did still indulge in some fake tan action. But this time, I splurged a little and bought St Tropez self-tanning mousse and a proper application mitt and that stuff seriously works! I had read heaps about it before but never wanted to spend a lot of money on tanning gunk so always went with something cheaper. But the colour is gorgeous (even on my pasty-ass skin, it turned a gorgeous maple colour) and it didn't even smell too bad. Genius! Get on it now.

Another little bit of island-maddness that I ended up indulging in was this:

While I don't normally get pedicures, for some reason I thought it would be a GREAT idea to get a purple and silver french-pedicure with little frangipanis painted on top. I admit, it looked cute at the beach. But it looked fricking stupid when I was back in the city.

(In case you are wondering, they are now a lovely shade of red. Just like nature intended.)

I also spent a couple of nights in Bangkok - which, while chaotic, stinky and very hot, called for a more urban look. Thankfully, I remembered to pack this nice little Terese Rawthorne dress which was perfect for going out on a hot, Bangkok night.

This was obviously towards the end of the trip when all the fake tan had worn off.

During the days though, I was less interested in looking totes chic and more focussed on not melting into a big ol' sweaty mess. Or getting sunburnt. Or getting some kind of tropical disease.

This was my basic survival kit:

The most important things being the fan (seriously, I bought it on day one and it was the only thing stopping my flesh just sliding off my body into a pool of sweat), the Clinique Super City Block (SPF 40 and oil free? Yes please!!) and the antibacterial hand wipes (you get pretty excited when toilets in Thailand have toilet paper - soap is a serious luxury so you are best being prepared for the worst...).

I also managed not to buy anything ridiculous.

Ok - that is a lie. I now own two pairs of fisherman pants (in the very practical colours of purple and maroon), a pair of baggy cotton pants in a sort of tribal print, some multi-coloured harem pants and a pair of THE smallest denim cut-offs ever (which I managed to rip in a pretty major way when I decided to do a cartwheel on the beach).

But I didn't buy a single fake handbag or anything else fake (even though the fake Mulberry handbags were practically FLAWLESS and kept calling to me every time I walked past). And I also managed not to buy this little fella too.

I think it is an iPhone cover. See? I can resist temptation!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Holiday madness

I am worn out, you guys. Totally exhausted and run down. And the cold weather is not helping either. I just want to stay under the covers all day. I have to pretty much drag my poor, listless body around the place and offer myself bribes to force me into doing the simplest of things - you know, like 'Listen body - if you actually manage to get up and change out of your yoga gear, I will let you go and buy a coffee instead of having the instant crap'.

Luckily for me, though, I only have to suffer through one more week of this drudgery before I get to spend two glorious weeks in Thailand. In sunny, hot, tropical Thailand!

Oh I cannot wait! I am going to eat ALL the mango and drink ALL the coconut water and do bunches of yoga and just be lovely every single day!

Because while I am definitely more of an urban person, going on a holiday to a nice warm, tropical beachy place is sometimes exactly what my body needs to wind down and recalibrate. And this holiday could not come at a better time because I am beat!

I have been so crazy and busy, in fact, that I have hardly had time to think about packing. The cool thing about beach holidays, though, is that you really don't need to pack that much. A few bikinis, denim cut-offs, a couple of floaty dresses and some flip-flops will get you through pretty much the whole trip.

That said, something very peculiar happens to me when I go on these sorts of holidays. All of my usual style preferences go out the window and I start to get this idea in my head that on every day of my holiday I am going to pretty much looks exactly like this:



No big surprise - this is not what I actually end up looking like. Though not through lack of trying.

Here are some of the things that I do when hanging out on another country's lovely beaches:

1. Wear fake tan and bronzer

Even in the middle of summer, I do not wear fake tan when I am at home. Which makes me one of the 2% of all Sydney women who do not look orange and smell gross as soon as the sun comes out (and, for a scary number of women, for the rest of the year too, regardless of the temperature). To be honest, I just cannot be bothered with it. I do think that a tan can look lovely and, given that sun baking is perhaps the stupidest thing you could do (it causes cancer, premature ageing and is dull, dull, dull), faking a tan is really the only way to go about it. But who has the time?

Well, on holiday, I do!

Weird - maybe. But I just feel a bit better on the beach and in direct sunlight if I have a bit of colour. And then when I am back home, I will go back to being my lovely white self and mocking those around me who do this all the time. Because I am awful.

2. I buy and then wear weird, locally made dresses that I will never, ever wear again

I call this getting 'island fever'. It is when you start to get so relaxed in your dreamy, tropical surroundings that you actually forget that you cannot wear a sarong EVERY DAY back in your real life. You know, that life where you mostly wear jeans or thick, black opaques and absolutely NOTHING has a fricking flower printed on it!!!!

Yeah - this dress was never worn again. Luckily it didn't cost a lot. Shocking, right?

3. I wear dreamy white dresses

Because this is one of the only time when I will have a tan (albeit a fake one) I also get this desire to wear white - a colour that I would ordinarily avoid due to the fact that my skin (and now my hair) is so white, that I will basically look dead. Also, all of those gorgeous, nature-loving, glowy models always wear white on the beach and they look super - and that means I will too!!

This is actually a very pretty dress. And it was a bargain too - I got it from Primark on my first trip to the UK for 2 quid. But still - I only ever wear when I am on holiday because it is just not something that I would ordinarily feel the urge to wear.

4. I think this hat goes with EVERYTHING!

THIS hat.

It is actually my husband's hat. I am not sure if he has ever actually worn it though. It is also a very ugly hat. But on holiday, it is the PERFECT hat. I don't know why. It just feels... right. I plan on taking it again this time.

5. I wear shiny, pixie-like bits of cloth that don't really qualify as a dress

Again, this is actually quite pretty - but honestly. Would I ever, ever wear such a silly, whimsical little thing - WHICH IS ACTUALLY SEE-THROUGH - if it wasn't for the practical anonymity that being in a foreign country affords me?

The answer is no, of course I wouldn't. I mean, it isn't black, it has no studs on it and there isn't a single skull in sight - so it hardly fits in with my everyday wear, does it? But apparently, under the influence of the balmy Vanuatu heat, I thought it was just the very thing!

6. In fact, I wear an awful lot of dresses

While currently I live in jeans, leggings and, more recently, shorts with opaques, I have no doubt in my mind that, once I get to Thailand, I will be living in dresses. This is more to do with convenience than anything else - they take up very little space in a suitcase and so allow for lots of shopping to be done. (I mean, just think of all the other dresses, sarongs and pairs of fisherman's pants that I can bring back with me if I only take a couple of teeny weeny dresses over with me! And then think of all the seemingly extra space I will have in my wardrobe when, six months down the track, I throw all of these dresses, sarongs and fisherman's pants away because I realise that I will never actually wear them once I have left Thailand!)

I bought this one in Bali a couple of years ago. I have not worn it since. Although I did lend it to a friend for her to take to Thailand with her earlier this year and I will probably take it with me too. Because, again, it is very pretty. It is just not very me - well not non-holiday me anyway.

I have no doubt in my mind that I am going to do all of these things again. It is part of the fun now, I think.

Oooooooh I can't wait! :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Get shorty

Yay, it's the weekend! Well - actually it is almost over.

And now Sunday-evening-itis is starting to sink in. You know, where you suddenly become super-conscious of how quickly the weekend is slipping away from you. And no matter what you do, you can't stop it from happening. It is over, you have to get up tomorrow and go to work and you have to do that FIVE TIMES IN A ROW before you get another reprieve.

Mmmm - I love being a grown-up!

Anyway, my husband and I did pretty much the same thing this weekend that we do every weekend. We just hung around our hood, read the paper (well - he did. I read Vogue) and drank a whole lot of coffee - but it was still lovely. I feel like maybe I should want to do more with my weekends - like I should be bored of this by now - but I don't and I'm not. In fact, it makes me very happy indeed.

Oh but I did mix up my clothes a bit. Because even though just like a month ago I was saying how totally awesome winter clothes are, I was totally bored of all my winter jumpers and leggings this morning. I just couldn't bear it any longer.

So, much to my husband's chagrin, I thought I would rock some cut-off shorts with opaques. Not something I am usually into, but I had bought these cute little cargo cut-offs from One Teaspoon in the sales and I couldn't wait any longer for the weather to warm up so I could finally wear them. Solution? Opaques!

Yeeeeah - so they are really short, huh?

Uh, in fact - I think I might ONLY wear these little booty-shorts with opaques. So lucky I tried this out!

The messed up hair is thanks to getting a thai massage in the middle of the day. Felt great but kinda left my hair in a bit of a cray-ay-zee state.

Oh wait - so I *did* do something awesome today! No wonder I feel so good!

Now I just need to make sure I don't remember that Monday is fast approaching me.

I mean... DAMMIT!!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Man style

So, taking a break from ME ME ME for a little bit, let's talk about guys.

Not just the pretty ones (I swear - Ryan G will not be mentioned once. Well, apart from that one time anyway) - I am talking about the super-styling ones.

I don't really like guys that are overly fashion-conscious. It is a little unnerving for me if a guy dresses better than me (I mean, what would I bring to the relationship?). But I do love it when men have a strong sense of their own style and what suits them.

That said, I would really like to have the chance to be able to dress my husband up in what I think he would look good in.

Like a real life Ken doll!

Don't get me wrong - he doesn't dress too badly. And he certainly dresses better now than when I met him  (my influence over his style has been a bit of a slow burning process - in fact he would argue that my influence over it was non-existent but pfffft to that!).

But if we go shopping and I try to push him into something that he really doesn't like though, he will just lose interest in the whole thing.

For example, he would never just try something on for me so I can see what it would look like, much to my disappointment. Like the other week when we were in Jack London and I reeeeeeeally thought he would look good in this burgundy velvet jacket:

But nooooo. Would not play with me at all.

So I just have to admire the style of other men instead and make little comments about how great they dress in hope that he gets the hint and tries out something new (but thinks that it is his idea so he is ok with it).

And right now, these are the guys whose style has caught my eye:

1. Tom Hardy

I swear that I haven't just added Tom Hardy because I saw "The Dark Knight Rises" on the weekend or because he has an amazing body and gorgeous face. He has actually got some serious sartorial chops.



(Yeah, also the body and face help. Although, it would be nice if he could shave more often...)

2. Jamie Hince

It is pretty hard to match the sartorial awesomeness of Kate Moss and Alison Mosshart. But I honestly think that James Hince (AKA Mr Kate Moss and one half of ace Brit band, The Kills) holds his own in the style-stakes.



Serious rock n roll hotness. Speaking of which...

3. Justin Dean Thomas

I only recently found Justin Dean Thomas through Twitter strangely enough. He is the gorgeous singer/ guitarist for The Bowery Riots (a great New York band with an awesome sound) but he also puts together awesome, retro-inspired looks that make me seriously swoon. Dig it.




    Yet another reason why New York is just cooler than everywhere else on the planet.

    4. James Dean

    This is an all-time favourite for me - James Dean's style was timeless and will always be on this list. Again, the fact that he was gorgeous and broody certainly helped, but he also had his own look going on that has made women swoon for decades. If more guys dressed like this today, I would be a very happy gal.



    Vintage nommy.

    5. Mark Ronson

    Mark Ronson's look is just about as slick and well-put together as the songs he produces - the man can do no wrong.



    He looked so good blonde. Like, almost as good as Spike.

    6. Nick Cave

    More rock loveliness, Nick Cave rocks a suit like nobody's business - always have, always will. He is just ridiculously cool.


    His hairstyles are also awesome. (Granted, there is a little bit less of it to style nowadays though - but he is still da man).

    So all I am asking is for my husband to take a leaf out of these guys' books - maybe get around in a suit, hat, striped shirt or maybe even a trench coat - is that really too much to ask?

    Previous experience has taught me that yes - yes, it really is.