Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Man style

So, taking a break from ME ME ME for a little bit, let's talk about guys.

Not just the pretty ones (I swear - Ryan G will not be mentioned once. Well, apart from that one time anyway) - I am talking about the super-styling ones.

I don't really like guys that are overly fashion-conscious. It is a little unnerving for me if a guy dresses better than me (I mean, what would I bring to the relationship?). But I do love it when men have a strong sense of their own style and what suits them.

That said, I would really like to have the chance to be able to dress my husband up in what I think he would look good in.

Like a real life Ken doll!

Don't get me wrong - he doesn't dress too badly. And he certainly dresses better now than when I met him  (my influence over his style has been a bit of a slow burning process - in fact he would argue that my influence over it was non-existent but pfffft to that!).

But if we go shopping and I try to push him into something that he really doesn't like though, he will just lose interest in the whole thing.

For example, he would never just try something on for me so I can see what it would look like, much to my disappointment. Like the other week when we were in Jack London and I reeeeeeeally thought he would look good in this burgundy velvet jacket:

Source: www.westfield.com
But nooooo. Would not play with me at all.

So I just have to admire the style of other men instead and make little comments about how great they dress in hope that he gets the hint and tries out something new (but thinks that it is his idea so he is ok with it).

And right now, these are the guys whose style has caught my eye:

1. Tom Hardy

I swear that I haven't just added Tom Hardy because I saw "The Dark Knight Rises" on the weekend or because he has an amazing body and gorgeous face. He has actually got some serious sartorial chops.

Source: www.aceshowbiz.com

Source: www.gq.com

Source: www.fanforum.com
(Yeah, also the body and face help. Although, it would be nice if he could shave more often...)

2. Jamie Hince

It is pretty hard to match the sartorial awesomeness of Kate Moss and Alison Mosshart. But I honestly think that James Hince (AKA Mr Kate Moss and one half of ace Brit band, The Kills) holds his own in the style-stakes.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Source: www.vintagethreadsuk.blogspot.com

Source: www.zimbio.com
Serious rock n roll hotness. Speaking of which...

3. Justin Dean Thomas

I only recently found Justin Dean Thomas through Twitter strangely enough. He is the gorgeous singer/ guitarist for The Bowery Riots (a great New York band with an awesome sound) but he also puts together awesome, retro-inspired looks that make me seriously swoon. Dig it.

Source: www.koo.im

Source: www.internationalaffairsmusic.tumblr.com

    Source: www.theboweryriots.tumblr.com

    Yet another reason why New York is just cooler than everywhere else on the planet.

    4. James Dean

    This is an all-time favourite for me - James Dean's style was timeless and will always be on this list. Again, the fact that he was gorgeous and broody certainly helped, but he also had his own look going on that has made women swoon for decades. If more guys dressed like this today, I would be a very happy gal.

    Source: www.ecosalon.com

    Source: www.nowhavefun.com

    Source: www.sabotagetimes.com
    Vintage nommy.

    5. Mark Ronson

    Mark Ronson's look is just about as slick and well-put together as the songs he produces - the man can do no wrong.

    Source: www.gq.com

    Source: www.rodcollins.com

    Source: www.stylebistro.com
    He looked so good blonde. Like, almost as good as Spike.

    6. Nick Cave

    More rock loveliness, Nick Cave rocks a suit like nobody's business - always have, always will. He is just ridiculously cool.

    Source: www.contactmusic.com 
    Source: www.dangerousminds.net

    Source: www.fanpop.com
    His hairstyles are also awesome. (Granted, there is a little bit less of it to style nowadays though - but he is still da man).

    So all I am asking is for my husband to take a leaf out of these guys' books - maybe get around in a suit, hat, striped shirt or maybe even a trench coat - is that really too much to ask?

    Previous experience has taught me that yes - yes, it really is.


    Charmaine said...

    Intriguing purple coat. I think I have to agree with your hubby though...the coat might be a better idea in theory than in practice.

    Also WHAT is with boys rolling up their jeans? Rolled up shirt sleeves = hot. Rolled up cuffs of jeans...it's like they're just trying to show off the absence of socks.

    mitch bellach said...

    It's all about the ankles... How else are you meant to show off blue shoes?

    Emma M said...

    Charmaine! First of all - it isn't purple - it is BURGUNDY. Secondly - I can't believe you are taking his side!!!! *pouts* And you know your boyf would look hot in that jacket so just play nice.

    Mitch - I can't believe that you don't have blue shoes yet!!! Get with it, boy. They will look ace with your peddle-pushers. ;)

    Jody said...

    I'm so very glad you have no control over what I wear. If I was your lucky hubby, I wouldn't let you near my closet either. I laughed at most of these 'men'. Give me stove pipes, a black t, and a pair of docs, and I'm dressed. Throw in a casual dinner jacket, and it's smart casual. Nothing else is ever required.