Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Le professional - day two

So I think this is a slight improvement on yesterday's outfit.

I had a jacket in mind for it too but, when I put it on, it didn't really look right with my new collar/ fouffy-thingy. But I do love my new collar/ fouffy-thingy!

I bought it when I was in Brisbane the other week from a very cool, Brisbane-based designer - Dog Star. (This warranted mentioning because there aren't many cool things in Brisbane so when I find something, I like to give it props.)

The reason I bought it was to make my basic t-shirts look a bit more snazzy and not so much like a t-shirt. Which I hope make it look a tad more work-appropriate.

My husband thought it was ridiculous - but then men don't really get accessories as a general rule. It is kind of like their attitude towards scatter cushions. So, needless to say, I ignored him.

And again - yay me not wearing all black! I don't normally wear cream or any pale coloured clothes because I am always worried that I will spill stuff on them. I proved this to be a sensible concern when I proceeded to drop coffee foam on my skirt within, like, an hour of being in the office! Bah!!!

Interestingly, a random guy commented that my outfit matched my hair - not sure if he meant that to be a good thing? Maybe I should avoid wearing cream and black in the future (or at least until I change my hair colour again).

And clearly he didn't notice that there were other colours represented i.e. pretty pink lipstick and fab indigo blue nail polish. Preeeeeetty.

So - thoughts, feelings, comments?


Anonymous said...

ummm that skirt...i die!

Rebecca said...

The skirt - love. Accessories - Alan is wrong. Nail polish - colour please?? Brisbane not cool - well you just need to know where to look :)

Charmaine said...

Skirt, fouffy thingy, hair, nails...all very cool. But not as cool as THE RING!

Emma M said...

The skirt is gorgeous, isn't it? I got it from Witchery a few years ago. Very pretty.

Bec, the nail polish is Rimmel in 'Blue My Mind'. Cool, huh?

And Char, I knew you would comment on the ring! :)