Thursday, July 19, 2012

Le professional - day four

So this is becoming quite the learning experience.

A few people mentioned that they thought yesterday's outfit was the best one so far (and I agree) - which is lovely and all - but I then felt HUGE pressure to look even better today. Ok, maybe not huge pressure, but I thought it would be nice.

And, as pressure tends to do to me, it caused me to panic and then fail to come up with the goods.

I decided to stick to something basic - shirt-dress, opaques and a men's style jacket with my lovely silver heels. You'd think that would be totally work appropriate, right?

Nope! Because, even though I have worn this dress a whole bunch of times, it was only looking through these photos that made me realise just how short it is. Like, not so much a shirt-dress and more of a shirt-shirt.

Yeah, so while I have been walking around the office in this dress thinking, "Oh, I am soooo professional looking", I was actually looking like Slutty McSlut-slut from Slutsville.

Good grief!

Also, it gets creased easily and requires ironing which is against my moral code.

So I think this dress will get retired. Or maybe I will just wear it with leggings or jeans or something.

At least it is a nice colour.


Anonymous said...

Nice Legs :)

Jody said...

I don't know about appropriate for a professional job, (having never had one, or worked in an office with people who did), but it looks great. Maybe add some heavy boots, but that's just me.