Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hipster genes

Not that long ago, I was going through a sort-of identity crisis because i thought maybe the reason I disliked hipsters was because I actually was one (and, of course, I blogged about it - check it here).

To deal with this, I have convinced myself that I have been like this all along and that the hipsters are all just copying me (yes - even the ones who live far afield in Williamsburg and the like). Which is cool. Highly unlikely, but cool.

But now, I have a new theory. I am thinking it goes much deeper than this - I don't think I ever really had a chance to begin with.

I think that I may have been born with hipster genes.

And here are the people responsible for this - aka 'My mum and dad'.

Not sure how old they were in these photos but, judging by my mum's carefree, happy expression and my dad's look of contentedness, I am guessing that it was pre-children.

See the resemblance?

So, my mum and dad's hipster credentials include:
1. Until recently, they owned a secondhand bookshop.
2. Now, they spend their time looking after chooks, growing organic veges and working on various art projects.
3. Mum enjoys doing things like making bread from scratch, sewing, knitting and all sorts of other things that would probably be cheaper, and certainly easier, if you just dropped down to the local target. (Definitely not better though.)  She also likes to paint.
4. Dad is obsessed with photography, owns a number of cameras (both digital and film including a few manual ones).  He also processes his own photos and makes his own frames.
5. Musical preferences are jazz, classical and Neil Diamond (actually, I think only mum likes Neil and not sure if that is actually a hipster thing but I wanted to include it because I think it is ace).
6. Moved to the country - the middle of what is essentially nowhere - because the coastal town that they used to live in (where I went to high school) had essentially sold out.
7. Both wear glasses and have never gone for contact lenses.
8. Dad has a beard and seems to prefer cardigans to jumpers.

Notwithstanding the above, there is a big and very important distinction between my parents and hipsters though - they are into all these things because that is just what they dig. It isn't some kind of trend for them. In fact, they probably aren't aware that the above things are considered highly desirable to the hip, young thangs today.

So - what does all of this mean for me? Basically, the way I see it, I have inherited hipster qualities rather than acquired hipster qualities.

I didn't choose to be like this, you guys - I was just born this way!!!


Want more proof? Check out this photo of me in pre-school (so I guess I was about 4 or 5):

(The boy is not relevant to this post at all but I didn't want to edit him out because of how truly adorable he is and also because I was totally in love throughout my entire childhood. Sorry Tony!!!)

Anyway, the cardigan, straw hat and hard case that I am rocking in this photo were all my own choices. I had newer, more normal looking clothes that I could have worn but this is what I wanted to wear that day because it was a special day (some kind of school fete or something which is why there was a photographer there). My sisters were horrified that I wanted to wear this and tried to get me into a nice dress and to put my hair up nice and neat - but I would have none of it! When they found out that my photo had been taken by a newspaper photographer, they were mortified.

But I still kind of think it looks cute.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Go and get glowing

I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that, touch wood, my skin has been looking good.

Normally there is something bothering me - dehydration, random (and brutally unfair) adult-acne, dullness - I seem to go from one to the next.

But since bringing back an all mighty stash of cosmetics from the US (did you know that the same products are less than half price in the States than they are in Australia? It is sooooo not fair!) and changing my skin care routine up a bit, my skin is seriously starting to glow.

Me earlier today. (I am happier than I look here, I swear!)

This is hella exciting because I have been trying different product for years trying to find magic combination that will freeze time and make me look young forever. The stuff I am using now might not be magical, and I am not so deluded to think that it has shaved years off my face), but it is definitely getting me results. The kind of results that make me not so worried about wearing make up (well - a lot less make up, anyway).

And, because I am a lovely person, I am going to share them with you!

Super by Dr Nicolas Perricone Face and Eye Cleanser 

Dr Perricone is like the king of antioxidants. He is all about using the anti-aging nutrients found in super foods (like the acai used in this cleanser) in his skin care range to deliver results. Well, that is all very well and good, but the cool things is this seems to work!

I bought this cleanser on a whim. I had run out of my last one and wanted something new and this looked interesting. There wasn't any real science to it - buying skin care products can be insanely confusing and frustrating and I think this use happened to be the one I was looking at when my stamina for shopping had run out.

It is a creamy cleanser, no foaming or anything, and it works best if you massage it in for a couple of minutes first. This also gives your skin time to absorb all the goodness (if you just slap it on and wash it off you may as well just use soap for all the good you will be doing). Wash it off and it leaves your face feeling clean but not stripped. And it gets rid of pretty much all traces of make-up too. Sweet!

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus

There have already been a lot of write-ups about this serum since it came out last year. And with good reason. It promises to reduce fine lines and sun damage. But not in some miracle, perfect skin overnight kind of way. In a real results kind of way.

It happens over time but you definitely do notice a change in the texture and tone of your skin with regular use. I use it once a day in the morning after cleansing and before my moisturiser. I started using it last year actually but love it so much that I stocked up while overseas. It is the best.

Philosophy Eye Hope Multitasking Eye Cream and Hope in a Jar with spf 25

I have been using these two for a while too and stock up on them whenever I am in the States (you can buy them in Australia too - Mecca Cosmetica definitely sells them - but it is actually cheaper to get them online so long as you are buying a couple of items). They are beautiful, simple and effective products.

The eye cream is the perfect texture - so often they are either too greasy or sticky but this one just eases on and soaks straight in and leaves the skin around your eyes really nicely hydrated.  (I know a lot of people don't use eye cream because they think it is too much bother or a trick by the cosmetics industry but if you are nudging 30 (or over), you really do need to start take care of the finer skin around your eyes and normal moisturiser just doesn't cut it - you will regret it if you don't!)

Hope in a Jar is just lovely and keep your skin feeling fresh all day. And the spf is a necessity, particularly in Australia. If your moisturiser doesn't give you protection, make sure you are putting sunscreen on as part of your routine. Every day. Regardless of whether you think you will be spending time outside.

Hurraw! Lip Balm
OMG - I am obsessed with this stuff! I picked up three of them in different flavours (coconut, chai tea and almond) when I was at American Apparel buying some t-shirts - they were just on the counter and my lips were feeling rough from the cold winds so I threw them in as a bit of an afterthought. But I am so glad I did!

Not only are they super-smooth but they smell amazing. Not that kind of sickly, perfume-y smell that you sometimes get with lip balm - it is a natural, subtle makes-you-want-to-eat-it kind of smell. And because they smell and feel so good, I use them all the damn time so my lips are super-duper smooth 24/7.

Coconut is my favourite but the chai is amaze too. They come in so many different flavours. Their site lists a number of places where you can buy them in Australia (The Collector Store in Surry Hills apparently stocks them for example), but I am so in love with them that I will probably order them in bulk from their website if I can't find them when I run out. Seriously - they are that good.

Josie Maran Argan Colour Stick in Petal Pink
Well before Miranda Kerr started pedalling her organic cosmetics, Kora, US model/actress Josie Maran was already sharing her get-gorgeous secrets with her own line of eco-friendly, natural beauty products.

This pretty pink colour stick is the perfect tint to give your cheeks a fresh, flushed look without looking over-done. It is lightweight, blends in beautifully and is infused with argan oil which is high in vitamin E and essential acids - so it is not only adding colour to your cheeks, it is also nourishing and hydrating your skin too.

Bumble and Bumble Mending Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque

Bumble and Bumble has a bit of a cult following and gets lots of raving reviews in fashion mags. I have always wanted to use it because it seems to have so many products designed especially for my hair type (read: bleached to buggery). But, again, it is stupidly expensive to buy here in Australia so I have never bothered to buy any. Until now!

The Bb Mending For the (Truly) Damaged range is perfect for my poor, mistreated crop. The shampoo is gentle and the conditioner and masque repair and restore without adding weight. I am not going to lie - they don't make my hair super-shiny and bouncy but I honestly don't think anything could do that. And honestly, if you want shiny, bouncy, you don't go for platinum. It is one of the sacrifices I have chosen to make.

This stuff does make my hair less fluffy though and I haven't noticed as much breakage since using it so it gets big thumbs up from me.

So that is what is floating my boat in the land of beauty products. And so long a this stuff seems to be working, maybe I can hold off Dr Injectable for a little bit longer.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Taste in men

I have been seeing my first crush all over the place lately. It had been ages since I had seen him last, but  now I am seeing him around the city pretty much every day - sometimes on the back of a bus, sometimes on a poster, in magazine articles, on the tele. And the second I saw his face, it brought back so many fond memories.


Apparently he has a new movie out. 

Amazingly, he has not aged one little bit since I first saw him. I, on the other hand, have changed a lot - I mean, I was probably about 5 years old after all.

And I loved him just as much as a 5 year old could love a frog made out of felt with a hand up its butt. He was sweet and kind and honest. He just seemed perfect to me. I would watch Sesame Street twice a day and my favourite songs were 'Rainbow Connection' and 'It's Not Easy Being Green'.

Of course, I hated Ms Piggy with a passion. I don't really like her now, to be honest. I just think he deserves so much better. 

But seeing Kermit again did make me realise how much my taste in men - at least celebrity crushes anyway - has changed over the years.

For a start, I have moved away from muppets and actually get crushes on real men now. And the first real man that I had a crush on was Michael J Fox.


I first saw MJF as Alex P Keaton in 'Family Ties'. He was smart and funny and cute. In retrospect, these should have been overshadowed by the fact that he was also obnoxious and, worse, a republican, but that didn't bother me at the time.

Of course, after Family Ties, there were dozens of movies to watch him in - like  the 'Back to the Future' movies, 'Teen Wolf' and 'The Secret of My Success' - lots of 80s goodness to keep me dosed up on MJF cuteness.

Even to this day, whenever MJF turns up in something - be it 'Scrubs', 'Boston Legal' or even the 'Stuart Little' movies - he still makes me a little bit giddy. The guy is just irresistible!

As I got a little older, though I started being very influenced by whatever my sisters happened to be into - and this included the movies and celebrities they liked.

So when they got obsessed with the movie 'The Sure Thing', I started to take a bit of a fancy to its leading man, John Cusack.


Officially, I was too young to watch 'The Sure Thing' and I don't think I really understood much of the adult content (which, when you consider the fact the whole movie is about one guy's mission to get laid, makes you wonder what the hell I did think was going on).

But my crush on John Cusack began then and it persists to this very day. I even loved him in 'Hot Tub Time Machine'.

It didn't take long though for my pre-teen fancies to turn from actors to musicians. My sisters assured me that boys in bands were totally hot but I never really under stood what they were going on about.

Until there was him:

Jon Bon Jovi. It was 'Blaze of Glory' that did it for me. I hadn't paid that much attention to Bon Jovi before that but then, when Jon went solo for the 'Young Guns II' soundtrack, my little heart would go all a-flutter every time the video played on 'Rage' on Saturday morning.

Looking back though, while I admit that he was very attractive, how the hell did I get past all of that hair? I mean, it is EVERYwhere!!! And he seemed to have a great deal of trouble keeping his chest covered. Which is fine I suppose. But a little inappropriate for such a young girl to be lusting after!

Thank God for the 90s is all I can say!

While I was very much a grunge girl in the 90s, it was Blur's cheeky little front boy (now frontman of Gorillaz) who made me weak at the knees and all swoony in the early to mid-90s.

He was definitely the prettiest of them all - even prettier than Gavin Rossdale, and that is saying something. He was also bratty, musically brilliant and very, very cool. And his girlfriend, Justine from Elastica, was even cooler and I wanted to be just like her.

Basically fantasy was to move to London as soon as I could, cut my hair short like Justine's and be in a band and then, of course, find a Damon look-a-like who was also in a band and live happily ever after in faux-Cockney bliss.

But Damon and Justine didn't last. And neither did my fantasy. Because soon I was into much darker things than Brit-pop and the like. I had moved onto Quentin Tarantino, Bret Easton Ellis and Nine Inch Nails. Which of course led me to Trent Reznor.

Sure, now Trent Reznor is known for being an Oscar-winning composer of movie scores. But to a misunderstood, pseudo-intellectual, wannabe-goth 15 year old in the mid-90s, he was basically God.

Dangerous, sexy as hell and incredibly talented - what more could a teenage girl want? I actually dated a couple of guys solely based on the fact that they kind of, sort of, looked like Trent. Unsurprisingly though, these never lasted long.

I still to this day find him, his music and his voice entirely compelling. And even though he is now a bit chunkier and married and whatever, I will never give him up - he is totally still on my list of 5 celebrities that I am allowed to have an affair with without it affecting my marriage.

My celebrity crushes after Trent though tended not to be so serious. Maybe that is because I got married, who knows. All I know is that my next real obsession was with two very tasty TV vampires.


Yep - before there was Bill Compton and Eric Northman to drool over, I was all about Angel and Spike from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. But not at the same time - I only really liked Angel in the first couple of seasons (while he was still buff and obsessed with the Buffster) and Spike only got really hot in the last few seasons (also when he became obsessed with the Buffster - it is like she draws the hotness out of them or something).

It is important to note not though that, with these guys, I only really liked them on the show. Neither David Boreanaz or James Masterson do anything for me in the other roles that they play. David seems a bit like a cocky douche and James isn't actually English which is just wrong. But when they were in BTVS they were both brutally hot and worthy of Buffy's attention. Not like that Riley guy she dated though. He was just lame.

Speaking of vampire slayers...

Ah Ryan Reynolds! You are probably thinking this is just about those guns, right? But I swear it isn't! I mean, they don't hurt, but I actually first had a crush on Ryan back when he was playing Burg in 'Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place'. And then he got buff and started getting lots of movie roles and then I REALLY started to like him.

Seriously though, I think he is really funny. He actually kind of reminds me of Chevy Chase. And I used to think Chevy Chase was a bit of a hottie too. So there.

And not all the celebrities that I get crushes on are buff.

Helloooo Doctor! I am fairly certain that, when I watched 'Doctor Who' growing up, none of the Doctors were as sexy as David Tennant. I mean, he is the most ridiculously good-looking Doctor and has the most wicked smile. The brown suits and bow-ties help a lot too.

Now, sadly, there is a new Doctor. As much as I have unexpectedly warmed to him, he just isn't David.

Which brings us to now!

And, if you have been paying any attention to me and my blog at all, you will know exactly which celebrity I am currently obsessed with. But in case you need reminding:

Intensity? Check. Talent? Check. Guns? Check.

Oh Ryan, could you ever be replaced?

Erm, actually... have you seen Tom Hardy ('Inception', 'Warriors', 'Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy') lately?


He is also going to be in Christopher Nolan's next Batman movie, 'The Dark Knight Rises', as Bane - which is unlikely to be the most attractive of characters given what he looked like in the comics but still, very awesome.

Can. Not. Wait.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Risky business at the Golden Globes

Finally there are some daring dresses making it back onto the red carpet!

I mean, sure - a large number of ladies seemed to wear some variation of cream to 2012 Golden Globes but there were also some major risks taken. And for the most part they paid off.

Here are what I thought were the most notable outfits on the night:

Most dramatic - Evan Rachel Wood
This dress just blows my mind. I adore the colour, the feathers, the mixed textures, the neckline - it is all just so fabulous. It is a really exciting dress and not many would be able to pull it off. But Evan does. I would have preferred it if she still copper-coloured hair because that would have looked electric next to the colour of the dress and her pale skin. And her makeup could be more vampy.

But the dress makes up for all of that IMO.

Most striking - Claire Danes
So Claire is looking just as pretty as she did back in her "My So Called Life"/ "Romeo+Juliet" days. Hooray! This black and white J Mendel dress is just to die for. It reminds me of something that Cate Blanchett might wear. And, unlike Evan, her hair and makeup compliments it perfectly.

Possibly my favourite.

Most disappointing - Michelle Williams


Aw - this makes me sad. Because I so love Michelle Williams and she can look so amazing in the right dress. It is just that this isn't the right one for her. Or possibly anyone. Michelle looks kind of frumpy in this - not like her usual, pretty, elfin self. And I am not a fan off the headband either.

But at least her face is pretty. And you know, she won. So that probably doesn't suck.

Most awe-inspiring - Helen Mirren

Maybe Michelle should have asked Helen Mirren for tips - Helen looked far fresher in navy than Michelle did even though she would be almost twice her age. 


Boldest colour - Paula Patton


It was a toss up between Paula's gorgeous yellow number and Natalie Portman's fuchsia gown. I think I chose Paula's because I can't personally wear yellow so it always amazes me when someone else can look so good in it. Plus, Paula is just so beautiful and smiled so much on the red carpet that it was hard not to love her.

Oh, and her clutch was killer too!

Most effortlessly cool - Tilda Swinton

Tilda can always be relied on to keep the red carpet interesting. She always takes risks and always rocks it. This is a particularly gorgeous outfit on her - the colour plays up on icy colouring and the style really accentuates her tall, lean figure. Her hair and accessories are also perfectly calculated risks that top it all off.


Most dragqueen-esque - Lea Michelle


I really love Lea Michelle. And I normally like what she wears. But this is all just too much at once and it kind of freaks me out. Yes it is bold and daring, but the metallic fabric, embellished bodice and heavy makeup just drown Lea, making her look like an ageing diva who belongs on stage at the "The Imperial" rather than the red carpet at the Globes.

But snaps for trying, Kitten. And it is still better than playing safe by wearing something in cream.

Most consistent (and the dress I would most like to steal) - Rooney Mara

This dress is soooooooo pretty. It is perfect for her. And, I would argue, would be perfect for me! Some have criticised her for being too boring with her choices but I am thinking she just knows what looks amazing on her and is sticking with it.

So yes - this isn't a big risk for her but she looks great, so who cares?

Best makeup - Emma Stone
Emma's smokey eyes are just sexy as hell. As is the subtle thigh-high split in her dress and plunging neckline. She is definitely my favourite ranga (redhead for those not from Australia) of the moment.

Speaking of which, I would never have thought that this was a good colour choice for a redhead but it looks great on her somehow. Crazy.

Coolest nail art - Zooey Deschanel 
Zooey wore a really interesting lime-green and black Prada number. Not sure what my feelings are towards it but what I do know is that her nails were adorbs! Each one was adorned with its own little tuxedo painted onto it. Super, super, super cute. Which is what we have come to expect from Zooey, who may possibly exceed the legal limit for cuteness in one person.

So that is it from me - feel free to disagree or suggest your own favourites in the comments! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The spoils of shopping - day four

So not an outfit today (I was wearing a new pair of jeans that I bought in the States but that is hardly worthy of a photo!) - instead I thought I would show you all an amazing piece of jewellery that I picked up at a market in Chelsea that I wore to work today.

It is a little handmade silver skull cuff that neatly fits around the top of my ear (no piercing required).

I got incredibly excited when I found this because, while I love the idea of wearing statement earrings with my short hair, I can't wear them because my ears just never took to being pierced. It was like they would never heal or something.

Anyway, this provides the perfect solution.

The designer, the adorable and talented Jade Chiu, makes a range of gorgeous jewellery and other accessories - check them out here on her website or Facebook page.

All of the pieces that she had at the market I went to were beautifully crafted and her designs are unique - a little surreal and very, very pretty. Honestly, I could have bought so many pieces from her. In fact I kind of wish I did now that I am back home.

Hmmm - I wonder if she posts to Australia...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The spoils of shopping - day three

Hmm - so today was still a good day but I wasn't feeling so fab about my outfit.

Mostly this was because I had an outfit in mind but the pants that I wanted to wear with my new shirt hadn't been ironed (no big shock here) and they were just waaay too wrinkled to wear to work - although I did admittedly consider it for a little while.

So the skirt I wore with it was not really thought through and I was a bit grumpy with it all day.

Anyway - the shirt! So, again this is from AllSaints (told you I went nuts there).

You may have noticed from previous posts that I am not really one for wearing business shirts to work - even though it is probably what a lot of people would expect someone to wear in in my profession. Well this shirt is about as close as I am likely to get to wearing one.

I like it because a) it is sleeveless; b) it is black; c) it is kind of baggy but still smart looking; and d) it looks good not being fully tucked in because it is long at the back.

The material feels really nice too and, while you can't really see it in this photo, it has tuxedo shirt detailing on the front.

The other new thing that I am wearing is the silver, spiky cuff. I bought this from a stall on the street in Soho in NYC for like $15. It is made of plastic so it is really light and, even though it looks pretty tough, it can't really be used as a weapon. That said, I haven't tested this yet - it might hurt more than I think!

So that is day three. Hope you had a happy Wednesday!

**update** I just noticed how pink my little knees are in this photo - WTH? This is why I wear opaques all the time you guys!!!! My knees are just weird.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The spoils of shopping - day two

I had an awesome day at work today.

And I am putting it all down to the fact that I was wearing one of my new dresses and a new pair of kick-ass shoes:

The dress is another groovy little number from AllSaints. It was on sale too. Yay! 

(In fact, I just noticed that there are even further reductions on some of the lines at AllSaints - available online and they deliver to Australia - woot!)

The wedges are from Urban Outfitters. (So is the fluro-pink nail polish.) 

I don't think they were on sale but I loved them and, most importantly, they aren't made of leather! This is super important because, when I started down the vegan path last year I decided that I wouldn't buy anymore leather goods. No more leather shoes, handbags, belts, jackets, skirts - nothing. And you have no idea how hard it is to find good quality, cute shoes that haven't been made out of leather (even shoes that are made of some other material like canvas or satin will sometimes have a leather lining or sole - sooooo frustrating). 

These little guys are adorbs, well-made and no creatures were hurt to make them. What could be more lovely?

(BTW - in case you are curious, I decided not to throw out any of the leather stuff that I already owned when I decided to become vegan. I will just repair or replace things with non-leather items as I need to. I know some people will be all outraged by this or whatever but I am cool with my decision - at least for now anyway.)

Will no doubt be posting again tomorrow - if for no other reason than to ensure that it is another awesome day! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

The spoils of shopping - day one.

First day back at work today. Sigh!

The only thing putting a little pep in my step this morning was the fact that I would get to brag about my holiday lots and show off a pretty new outfit.

And as promised, I took a photo - so I get to show it off to even more people! Yay!!!

So here it is:

The dress is from Anthropologie which is a cute US chain store that sells gorgeous clothes and home decor (including amazing candles that smell just like cookies baking!). A lot of the stuff in there was super-girly and not really my kind of thing but I thought this dress would be good for work and, more importantly, really comfy. Also, I normally don't go for dresses that are this length because they usually make me look stumpy but I think this one looks ok. Maybe because it is so fitted.

The necklace is also a new buy from All Saints. All Saints is actually a UK label but we don't have it here in Australia and I love so many of their clothes and accessories. I think I went back and bought stuff from their at least 3 times and bought a whole bunch of things each time (30% off the entire store didn't hurt either - seriously, the US sales are unbelievable!).

The shoes are old though. They are oxford brogues but with a heel. I bought them for $30 in a clearance sale like 3 years ago - how cool is that? More amazingly, they are not black. I very nearly wore my standard, black heels but went crazy and put these on when I realised the colour kind of matches the stripes in the dress. Plus, I was feeling brave - it is a new year after all!

So there it is - day one.  But I have plenty more where that came from so stay tuned!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why can't I be you?

So I actually feel like I am settling on a style.

This is HUGE.

It is also very possible that it is just a phase. 

But let's pretend that I am getting more mature and that with this comes an understanding of what works for me and what should just be left to 16 year olds, models or those preppy, athletic girls that I so wanted to be when I was in high school.

This came to me today while I sorted out my wardrobe (so I could fit all my awesome new stuff from the States in there and also because it was a dump) and threw away a bunch of things that just really didn't suit me - even though I really wish some of them did. I noticed that what has remained in my wardrobe and the items that I have just added to it are starting to show signs of some kind of consistency. True to my obsession with Kate Lanphear, my clothes are now tending to be a bit edgier and sleeker. There is definitely a grown-up rock chick theme going on in there - even with my work clothes. 

I have also become mad for really soft, worn-in t-shirts. Plain, striped, band t-shirts - I want them ALL. I want to wear them ALL THE TIME. And I am starting to understand why sometimes a t-shirt is actually worth spending serious cash on (which, in my universe, is anything more than $30 or buying a t-shirt that isn't part of a 2-for-1 at General Pants).

And because it is a new year (and because, to be frank, Alexa Chung's cute dress and flat shoe combo is starting to bore me a little), I have new style icons to lead me through 2012 in the most stylish way possible and, hopefully, to continue down the path to a consistent style that is ME. 

So here is who is floating my sartorial boat at the moment:

1. Lykke Li


I was already a huge fan of Lykke Li's music and now I have also become obsessed with her style. Her love of all things black, flowy dresses, boots and statement accessories makes me swoon. 

She is also one of only a few girls who make me want to grow my hair long. Like, really long. It will never happen, but she comes close to swaying me every time I see photos of her performing on stage with her gorgeous hair swing about her like a moody teenager.

Basically, I just want to BE her.

2. Zoe Kravitz


I think everyone knew when Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz blended their perfect genes that their offspring was going to be pretty darn cute. I mean seriously - how could you go wrong with these two?


Still, genes don't necessarily give you great style (although money seems to help). 

Zoe has definitely turned into a total hottie. And she can throw together a seriously cute outfit. I am sure ma and pa are very proud.

3. Rooney Mara


Rooney Mara is currently working the movie premiere circuit at the moment for her first big role as Lisbeth Salander in "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". And she looks like an absolute doll at every single event.

Rooney has gone to extremes to get into the role, including getting numerous piercings about her person (but I am pretty sure the titular "Dragon Tattoo is a fake) and, as she will be playing Lisbeth in the sequels that are being made over the next few years, she is going to be rocking that black, angular hair style for quite some time. 

It has also been suggested that her current look- edgy, dark and monochomatic - is just an extension of her embodying the role and isn't actually true to her personal style.

Whatever - I am just going to enjoy watching her in all the pretty dresses and suits that she wears while she continues to play Lisbeth and continue dreaming that one day I might be able to afford them.

4. Erin Wasson


Ah - the futility of trying to emulate the style of a ridiculously gorgeous, tall and willowy model that could make a muumuu dress look sexy (not Miu Miu people - I would like to think that even I could look pretty cute in Miu Miu!). 

Seriously, though, her body is killer. It makes me want to cry a little. Why can't my legs be that long? *pout*

Erin has been around for a while but I have noticed her recently because of her very cool jewellery line, "Low Luv" (you can buy it through ShopBop) and also because she is the current face of French label, Zadig & Voltaire. And I LOVE everything about Zadig & Voltaire.

She has a very laid-back rock chick feel about her when she is off-duty. And she always seems to wear very cool shoes. And while the outfits might not quite look the same on me, the shoes should still work, right?

5. Alice Glass


Alice Glass is one half of crazy electronic outfit, Crystal Castles. And she is fricking cool.

I adore her short, dark bob and she always has the best eyeliner going on. It would look stupid on anyone with less than perfect features, but luckily this isn't a problem for Alice. She is ridiculously gorgeous.

I also love the crazy tights and Converse combination that she seems to favour. It is a combo that I love to rock myself, but it never looks quite as cute on me as it does on her. 

Oh, and her music is really cool too.

Damn her!!!!