Saturday, January 7, 2012

Too cold to be cute

So I am back from my holidays you guys! Three weeks of hanging out in Chicago, NYC and New Orleans. It was pretty sweet.

While it didn't snow while we were over there (no white Christmas for me - boo!), it sure as freak felt cold to me. And even though I had put lots of thought into what I was going to pack (as detailed in my previous post), once I got there I realised just how cold it actually was. I found it incredibly hard to look cute each day and was far more concerned in adding as many layers as possible so as not to freeze my butt off (even though it was a apparently a "mild" winter - pfft! Whatever!).

I have no idea how the natives do it. Some of them seem to be entirely impervious to the cold. Or perhaps it was just that their leather pants are so tight that their legs have lost all feeling.

I also noticed that there were an alarming number of fashionistas relying on real fur - be it coats, collars, scarves or fur-lined boots - to keep them all toasty and warm. It was gross. And now that fur isn't just reserved for luxury brands and now is often incorporated into the winter clothes sold by budget brands, a lot of these girls just looked like they had slaughtered their pet labradoodle and stitched it to their lapels. Ew.

Anyway, I had planned on maybe taking photos of my winter outfits and put them up here and blogging about them. But given that I only took one heavy coat and wore black leggings or jeans every day, I looked pretty much the same every day. So this kind of sums it up:

Impressive, no? (And the scarf is faux fur - natch.)

Probably my most awesome outfit (in my view anyway) was my Christmas day get-up which involved a cute little Christmas jumper (which you could never wear in Australia at Christmas cos it is just too damn hot!) and a furry Santa hat:


Also, one thing I was able to do very successfully while I was in the US was to shop. I shopped like a crazy person and the cold did not slow me down. Hopefully, my spending frenzy was able to stimulate the US economy a little. I like to feel like I am helping out a little when visiting less-fortunate countries.

So, given that I wasn't able to show much of what I wore while on holiday, what I have decided to do is post a few of the new outfits that I wear throughout the next week or so. And I have bought so many pretty things - I just can't wait to share them all with y'all!

Also, I will need something to cheer me up as I come to grips with being back under the evil, unflattering fluorescent lighting of the office.

Oh yay.


Chris said...

nice graffiti in the background of that first shot! ;)

Emma M said...

I know, right? That truly IS impressive. Who said graffiti can't be art?