Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The spoils of shopping - day three

Hmm - so today was still a good day but I wasn't feeling so fab about my outfit.

Mostly this was because I had an outfit in mind but the pants that I wanted to wear with my new shirt hadn't been ironed (no big shock here) and they were just waaay too wrinkled to wear to work - although I did admittedly consider it for a little while.

So the skirt I wore with it was not really thought through and I was a bit grumpy with it all day.

Anyway - the shirt! So, again this is from AllSaints (told you I went nuts there).

You may have noticed from previous posts that I am not really one for wearing business shirts to work - even though it is probably what a lot of people would expect someone to wear in in my profession. Well this shirt is about as close as I am likely to get to wearing one.

I like it because a) it is sleeveless; b) it is black; c) it is kind of baggy but still smart looking; and d) it looks good not being fully tucked in because it is long at the back.

The material feels really nice too and, while you can't really see it in this photo, it has tuxedo shirt detailing on the front.

The other new thing that I am wearing is the silver, spiky cuff. I bought this from a stall on the street in Soho in NYC for like $15. It is made of plastic so it is really light and, even though it looks pretty tough, it can't really be used as a weapon. That said, I haven't tested this yet - it might hurt more than I think!

So that is day three. Hope you had a happy Wednesday!

**update** I just noticed how pink my little knees are in this photo - WTH? This is why I wear opaques all the time you guys!!!! My knees are just weird.


ichbinmr said...

*whispers* your knees are beautiful

Emma M said...

Hehehe - well, they work at least. That is something to be grateful for! x