Monday, January 16, 2012

Risky business at the Golden Globes

Finally there are some daring dresses making it back onto the red carpet!

I mean, sure - a large number of ladies seemed to wear some variation of cream to 2012 Golden Globes but there were also some major risks taken. And for the most part they paid off.

Here are what I thought were the most notable outfits on the night:

Most dramatic - Evan Rachel Wood
This dress just blows my mind. I adore the colour, the feathers, the mixed textures, the neckline - it is all just so fabulous. It is a really exciting dress and not many would be able to pull it off. But Evan does. I would have preferred it if she still copper-coloured hair because that would have looked electric next to the colour of the dress and her pale skin. And her makeup could be more vampy.

But the dress makes up for all of that IMO.

Most striking - Claire Danes
So Claire is looking just as pretty as she did back in her "My So Called Life"/ "Romeo+Juliet" days. Hooray! This black and white J Mendel dress is just to die for. It reminds me of something that Cate Blanchett might wear. And, unlike Evan, her hair and makeup compliments it perfectly.

Possibly my favourite.

Most disappointing - Michelle Williams


Aw - this makes me sad. Because I so love Michelle Williams and she can look so amazing in the right dress. It is just that this isn't the right one for her. Or possibly anyone. Michelle looks kind of frumpy in this - not like her usual, pretty, elfin self. And I am not a fan off the headband either.

But at least her face is pretty. And you know, she won. So that probably doesn't suck.

Most awe-inspiring - Helen Mirren

Maybe Michelle should have asked Helen Mirren for tips - Helen looked far fresher in navy than Michelle did even though she would be almost twice her age. 


Boldest colour - Paula Patton


It was a toss up between Paula's gorgeous yellow number and Natalie Portman's fuchsia gown. I think I chose Paula's because I can't personally wear yellow so it always amazes me when someone else can look so good in it. Plus, Paula is just so beautiful and smiled so much on the red carpet that it was hard not to love her.

Oh, and her clutch was killer too!

Most effortlessly cool - Tilda Swinton

Tilda can always be relied on to keep the red carpet interesting. She always takes risks and always rocks it. This is a particularly gorgeous outfit on her - the colour plays up on icy colouring and the style really accentuates her tall, lean figure. Her hair and accessories are also perfectly calculated risks that top it all off.


Most dragqueen-esque - Lea Michelle


I really love Lea Michelle. And I normally like what she wears. But this is all just too much at once and it kind of freaks me out. Yes it is bold and daring, but the metallic fabric, embellished bodice and heavy makeup just drown Lea, making her look like an ageing diva who belongs on stage at the "The Imperial" rather than the red carpet at the Globes.

But snaps for trying, Kitten. And it is still better than playing safe by wearing something in cream.

Most consistent (and the dress I would most like to steal) - Rooney Mara

This dress is soooooooo pretty. It is perfect for her. And, I would argue, would be perfect for me! Some have criticised her for being too boring with her choices but I am thinking she just knows what looks amazing on her and is sticking with it.

So yes - this isn't a big risk for her but she looks great, so who cares?

Best makeup - Emma Stone
Emma's smokey eyes are just sexy as hell. As is the subtle thigh-high split in her dress and plunging neckline. She is definitely my favourite ranga (redhead for those not from Australia) of the moment.

Speaking of which, I would never have thought that this was a good colour choice for a redhead but it looks great on her somehow. Crazy.

Coolest nail art - Zooey Deschanel 
Zooey wore a really interesting lime-green and black Prada number. Not sure what my feelings are towards it but what I do know is that her nails were adorbs! Each one was adorned with its own little tuxedo painted onto it. Super, super, super cute. Which is what we have come to expect from Zooey, who may possibly exceed the legal limit for cuteness in one person.

So that is it from me - feel free to disagree or suggest your own favourites in the comments! 

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ichbinmr said...

I love love loved Claire D's dress...and Zooey's nails! <3