Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why can't I be you?

So I actually feel like I am settling on a style.

This is HUGE.

It is also very possible that it is just a phase. 

But let's pretend that I am getting more mature and that with this comes an understanding of what works for me and what should just be left to 16 year olds, models or those preppy, athletic girls that I so wanted to be when I was in high school.

This came to me today while I sorted out my wardrobe (so I could fit all my awesome new stuff from the States in there and also because it was a dump) and threw away a bunch of things that just really didn't suit me - even though I really wish some of them did. I noticed that what has remained in my wardrobe and the items that I have just added to it are starting to show signs of some kind of consistency. True to my obsession with Kate Lanphear, my clothes are now tending to be a bit edgier and sleeker. There is definitely a grown-up rock chick theme going on in there - even with my work clothes. 

I have also become mad for really soft, worn-in t-shirts. Plain, striped, band t-shirts - I want them ALL. I want to wear them ALL THE TIME. And I am starting to understand why sometimes a t-shirt is actually worth spending serious cash on (which, in my universe, is anything more than $30 or buying a t-shirt that isn't part of a 2-for-1 at General Pants).

And because it is a new year (and because, to be frank, Alexa Chung's cute dress and flat shoe combo is starting to bore me a little), I have new style icons to lead me through 2012 in the most stylish way possible and, hopefully, to continue down the path to a consistent style that is ME. 

So here is who is floating my sartorial boat at the moment:

1. Lykke Li


I was already a huge fan of Lykke Li's music and now I have also become obsessed with her style. Her love of all things black, flowy dresses, boots and statement accessories makes me swoon. 

She is also one of only a few girls who make me want to grow my hair long. Like, really long. It will never happen, but she comes close to swaying me every time I see photos of her performing on stage with her gorgeous hair swing about her like a moody teenager.

Basically, I just want to BE her.

2. Zoe Kravitz


I think everyone knew when Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz blended their perfect genes that their offspring was going to be pretty darn cute. I mean seriously - how could you go wrong with these two?


Still, genes don't necessarily give you great style (although money seems to help). 

Zoe has definitely turned into a total hottie. And she can throw together a seriously cute outfit. I am sure ma and pa are very proud.

3. Rooney Mara


Rooney Mara is currently working the movie premiere circuit at the moment for her first big role as Lisbeth Salander in "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". And she looks like an absolute doll at every single event.

Rooney has gone to extremes to get into the role, including getting numerous piercings about her person (but I am pretty sure the titular "Dragon Tattoo is a fake) and, as she will be playing Lisbeth in the sequels that are being made over the next few years, she is going to be rocking that black, angular hair style for quite some time. 

It has also been suggested that her current look- edgy, dark and monochomatic - is just an extension of her embodying the role and isn't actually true to her personal style.

Whatever - I am just going to enjoy watching her in all the pretty dresses and suits that she wears while she continues to play Lisbeth and continue dreaming that one day I might be able to afford them.

4. Erin Wasson


Ah - the futility of trying to emulate the style of a ridiculously gorgeous, tall and willowy model that could make a muumuu dress look sexy (not Miu Miu people - I would like to think that even I could look pretty cute in Miu Miu!). 

Seriously, though, her body is killer. It makes me want to cry a little. Why can't my legs be that long? *pout*

Erin has been around for a while but I have noticed her recently because of her very cool jewellery line, "Low Luv" (you can buy it through ShopBop) and also because she is the current face of French label, Zadig & Voltaire. And I LOVE everything about Zadig & Voltaire.

She has a very laid-back rock chick feel about her when she is off-duty. And she always seems to wear very cool shoes. And while the outfits might not quite look the same on me, the shoes should still work, right?

5. Alice Glass


Alice Glass is one half of crazy electronic outfit, Crystal Castles. And she is fricking cool.

I adore her short, dark bob and she always has the best eyeliner going on. It would look stupid on anyone with less than perfect features, but luckily this isn't a problem for Alice. She is ridiculously gorgeous.

I also love the crazy tights and Converse combination that she seems to favour. It is a combo that I love to rock myself, but it never looks quite as cute on me as it does on her. 

Oh, and her music is really cool too.

Damn her!!!!


Sweet Lime and Spiced Tea said...

Love them all. Especially Lykke Li - I have a massive style crush on her!
Jas xx

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