Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The spoils of shopping - day two

I had an awesome day at work today.

And I am putting it all down to the fact that I was wearing one of my new dresses and a new pair of kick-ass shoes:

The dress is another groovy little number from AllSaints. It was on sale too. Yay! 

(In fact, I just noticed that there are even further reductions on some of the lines at AllSaints - available online and they deliver to Australia - woot!)

The wedges are from Urban Outfitters. (So is the fluro-pink nail polish.) 

I don't think they were on sale but I loved them and, most importantly, they aren't made of leather! This is super important because, when I started down the vegan path last year I decided that I wouldn't buy anymore leather goods. No more leather shoes, handbags, belts, jackets, skirts - nothing. And you have no idea how hard it is to find good quality, cute shoes that haven't been made out of leather (even shoes that are made of some other material like canvas or satin will sometimes have a leather lining or sole - sooooo frustrating). 

These little guys are adorbs, well-made and no creatures were hurt to make them. What could be more lovely?

(BTW - in case you are curious, I decided not to throw out any of the leather stuff that I already owned when I decided to become vegan. I will just repair or replace things with non-leather items as I need to. I know some people will be all outraged by this or whatever but I am cool with my decision - at least for now anyway.)

Will no doubt be posting again tomorrow - if for no other reason than to ensure that it is another awesome day! 


ichbinmr said...

*Gasp* the dress is INCREDIBLE!

ichbinmr said...

Also, definately don't throw away your leather stuff. Your decision to become vegan post dated the leather purchase - if you threw out the leather it'd be a bit wastey...

Emma M said...

I agree with both your comments Mary! :)