Monday, January 9, 2012

The spoils of shopping - day one.

First day back at work today. Sigh!

The only thing putting a little pep in my step this morning was the fact that I would get to brag about my holiday lots and show off a pretty new outfit.

And as promised, I took a photo - so I get to show it off to even more people! Yay!!!

So here it is:

The dress is from Anthropologie which is a cute US chain store that sells gorgeous clothes and home decor (including amazing candles that smell just like cookies baking!). A lot of the stuff in there was super-girly and not really my kind of thing but I thought this dress would be good for work and, more importantly, really comfy. Also, I normally don't go for dresses that are this length because they usually make me look stumpy but I think this one looks ok. Maybe because it is so fitted.

The necklace is also a new buy from All Saints. All Saints is actually a UK label but we don't have it here in Australia and I love so many of their clothes and accessories. I think I went back and bought stuff from their at least 3 times and bought a whole bunch of things each time (30% off the entire store didn't hurt either - seriously, the US sales are unbelievable!).

The shoes are old though. They are oxford brogues but with a heel. I bought them for $30 in a clearance sale like 3 years ago - how cool is that? More amazingly, they are not black. I very nearly wore my standard, black heels but went crazy and put these on when I realised the colour kind of matches the stripes in the dress. Plus, I was feeling brave - it is a new year after all!

So there it is - day one.  But I have plenty more where that came from so stay tuned!!


Anonymous said...

That dress is just fabulous. Love Anthropologie!

ichbinmr said...

Love love love! I think coz it's so fitted at the waist you can see the top of your hip line, and so it still shows your super long legs.
Hot stuff babe! xx

Emma M said...

Mary - you are a DOLL! Thanks xox