Saturday, July 21, 2012

Le professional - day five

Casual Friday. It sounds like it should be fun, right? Relaxed even. But it isn't. Not really, anyway.

I decided to make up for the shortness of yesterday's dress with a midi-length dress AND opaques - no legs to see here folks!

It was comfy, super-warm and simple. What more could you want on a Friday? While I do love wearing all black, I like to break this dress up a bit with a belt because it can be a bit sack-like. This one is a cute one from ASOS (surprise!) with rose gold plates and a groovy little chain.

So that is the last outfit for the week. What do you think?

I got some feedback from some of the girls I work with about my little challenge - and it was not good, you guys! Basically, they did not think there was much of a difference between what I have worn this week and what I normally wear.


So this means I have, essentially, failed in my challenge. BUT also means something else which is pretty great - they clearly had not noticed that I had been wearing stretchy skirts with t-shirts or knits almost every day for the last god-knows how many weeks!

Which kinda makes me feel like just going back to that and not bothering with this challenge anymore... Dunno. We will see how I feel on Monday morning. (I am predicting I will feel crappy because it will be Monday morning, but let's pretend that isn't inevitable, ok?)

Anyway - IT'S THE WEEKEND! YEAH!!!!!!!!

Now I am allowed to wear whatever I want for two whole days.

Total bliss. :)

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