Friday, November 11, 2011

Day five, outfit five (plus a bonus pic!)

While Fridays are usually casual at my office, today I had to see clients so that wasn't an option.

Which is ok by me. Casual Fridays, are fine in theory but freak me out a little in practice because you can't wear whatever you would actually wear when you are hanging out, being casual and what not. Well - I can't anyway. I have to wear these weird, sanitised, "casual" outfits so I don't offend any of my colleagues. This may not be a problem for most people, but there is a "casual Friday policy" in place at work that prohibits me rocking up in the stuff I would wear on the weekends. It isn't that my normal clothes are offensive per se, but they are definitely a little too "grungy" for an office environment.

But today I had to look nice. I wore my go-to dress for when I want to look a bit more professional (but not stiff or over the top). I don't wear it every week or anything but it is definitely part of my usual rotation.

It's a little DVF number that I picked up earlier this year and it is super-comfy and quite flattering. But it is also pretty plain, so I paired it with some striped stockings and wore red lipstick to brighten the whole look up a bit:

The other thing that I added was a brooch - which is of a skull with flames coming out of it but this usually goes unnoticed. Which I think is cool. Like it is my little secret.

And that, my lovely readers, is the last outfit of my working week! While the start of the week felt a bit like a struggle, I actually ended up enjoying having a reason to try a little harder each morning. And I definitely liked the fact that some of my neglected pieces got to see the light of day again.

Oh and the red shoes! I definitely liked the red shoes!

But wait, there is more!!!

As a bonus (because it is Friday and Fridays make me feel really, really happy and super-generous), I thought I would also add a photo of what I wore out after work tonight!!! Just dinner with my husband in our local burb but enough to want to get changed out of my work gear:

Yep - all black. No big surprises here, I am sure. And with my lovely boots! Oh, how I love these boots. In fact, the worst thing about the weather getting warmer is that I will be wearing them less and less.

Am not sure yet if I will keep doing this next week - I imagine you will be getting over it all by now (if you were, in fact, on it to begin with). So feel free to let me know what you think - are you are getting bored senseless or are you getting some kind of sick pleasure out of this? If I get enough interest, I can keep going. But also happy to go back to my usual posts too. Because they usually focus on making fun of other people which is way cool fun for me.


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Anonymous said...

just loved knowing your work gear for the week, but then I am a bit biased I suppose, more would be good.M xx