Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day two, outfit two

So day two and this is already starting to stress me out.

I figured I should go with all black and then just focus on the jewellery and shoes. This calmed me a bit. Plus it meant that I got to wear this cool necklace that I think I have worn once since I bought it over a year ago. Oops!

You can't really tell in the photos but the shoes are metallic - sort of a gun-metal grey. They are real pretty.

I think this is a much better attempt than yesterday's outfit (although I was told that my grey suit actually looks better IRL than it does in the photos so maybe I was too hard on myself). Am already fretting about tomorrow though - surely it will just get harder each day? Eep!

I have also decided that I am definitely NOT photogenic. (Although, as the lovely friend who has the unenviable task of photographing me likes to remind me - being photogenic just means you are uglier in real life. I like to believe that is true.) Still - expect more photos with me looking away or at my feet over the next few days.

Are we having fun yet?  xox


Siobhan said...

Nice shoes! Loving the necklace too.

Charmaine said...

Much fun. Fab outfit. You are almost inspiring me to iron my clothes...but let's not get too carried away.

ichbinmr said...

You are absolutely photogenic babe! xx HOT STUFF.
I reckon though don't look away from teh camera...my hot tip is to stare down the barrel (lense) of the camera. You don't have to have your face fully facing the camera you can have it angled away, but your eyes should engage with the lense, it makes the image more engaging with the viewer.