Sunday, October 30, 2011

Killing it **UPDATED with more Halloween photos of meeeee!**

I mentioned a couple of posts back that I wanted to dress up as a slutty Rainbow Brite for Halloween. But as it turns out, I didn't end up going anywhere for Halloween this year that gave me an excuse to dress up.

Major sad face.

Because how many other chances do you get in a year to legitimately dress up as a slutty Rainbow Brite? Two, maybe three tops. But, instead, this year I am hanging at home with the husband and my cats, eating brownies and watching Army of Darkness. Yes that is fairly awesome, but I am dressed in my jammies and not in a multi-coloured mini dress with striped thigh-highs so that is a bit of a bummer.

And don't get me wrong - it isn't the dressing up slutty that I miss. Hell, that is something that can be done any day of the week just by forgetting to wear a skirt. It is the pretending to be someone else for a night that I miss the most.

Lindsey Lohan's character in "Mean Girls" keenly observed, "in Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." 

And for most girls this certainly appears to be true. But I have always preferred to go for gore over looking tarty:

(In case you are wondering, I was dressed as Lavinia from Titus Andronicus. Yeah. No one at the party got it either. I ended up just telling people I was a zombie after I got sick of explaining it a hundred times.)

Dressing slutty at Halloween is definitely the default position for celebrities - this time of year we are bombarded with a parade of C-list starlets dressed in their little sister's Bo-Peep costume or a pvc catsuit. 

However, I have been able to find examples of a couple of gorgeous celebs that really are a treat instead of an evil, whorish trick:

1. Chloe Sevigny as Joan of Arc
This. Is. Brilliant.

Because Chloe isn't just dressed up as Joan of Arc - the earphones and walkman were referencing lyrics from The Smith's song, "Bigmouth Strikes Again" ("Now I know how Joan of Arc felt, as the flames rose to her Roman nose and her Walkman started to melt"). 

Yeah, that is about as hipster as a Halloween costume can get!

2. Agnyess Deyn and Alex Chung as Wayne and Garth (Wayne's World)

 How cute do these model friends look?

This just goes to show that, when you are ridiculously good looking for a living, you don't need to put it all on show to get attention and get all the boys.

3. Evan Rachel Wood as Magenta (Rocky Horror Picture Show)


I love a good Rocky Horror costume! And it would be so easy to make this smutty by raising the hem or wearing stripper boots - but Rachel has kept it sassy but classy.

4. Amanda Seyfried as some kind of a dog

Ok. So this isn't particularly clever and took naff all effort. But there is no denying that Amanda looks stupidly adorable in this puppy costume.

5. Elisha Cuthbert as Alex DeLarge (A Clockwork Orange)

It would have been pretty easy for cutie Elisha Cuthbert to show off her little bod in a tiny fairy costume or Wonder Woman outfit, but she chose this instead. It probably got her photo into less magazines but I give her major props for not slutting it up like her peers.

6. Kate Beckinsdale as Bride of Frankenstein 

I think Kate is trick-or-treating with her kiddies here so it wouldn't have been appropriate for her to wear anything too skimpy. She looks so gorgeous in this get-up. Although you would think that she would be sick of wearing corsets by now...

7. Michelle Trachtenberg - Pageant princess

Nothing is scarier than a pageant princess, after all! So adorable. Michelle seems to normally go for a miniskirt version of an otherwise respectable costume (one year she was a slutty Snow White, for example), but this choice is much nicer.

So, that is it for me this Halloween. Back to the chocolate and the Evil Dead!!!

**EDIT** Ask and you shall receive! Due to popular demand (Well... I got one request. And I think it might have been from my husband) - here are some pics of my Halloween costumes over the years!!!!

Akasha from Queen of the Damned

Another one as Lavinia/ random zombie

Ventriloquist dummy 

This was just for a Halloween Ball - I'm not meant to be anything in particular...

GoGo from Kill Bill 
(I also had a very cool meteor that I hit everyone with all night)

Zombie cheerleader

You're welcome!!! :)


    Anonymous said...

    I would have liked to have seen more of your costumes from previous years.

    Charmaine said...

    You are very scary, and not just when you dress up for Halloween. Also, Chloe looks like a boy...and not just when she dresses up for Halloween. I know this makes me a bad person, but she just...does.

    Kate looks fantastic as the Bride of Frankenstein. Would love to see what her kiddles were wearing...assuming their Mum did not want to outdo them, they must've had some pretty amazing outfits!

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