Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend fashion inspiration

I am pretty happy with my working wardrobe now - thanks in small part to my work wear muse, Kate Lanphear. But now I am wanting to focus on getting my weekend outfits up to snuff.

Because the things I like to wear are not exactly conservative, and also thanks to a few tattoos that I have to make sure are hidden during office hours, there is a pretty big difference between what I wear to work and what I get around in in my own time. And given that I only have two days a week to dress exactly how I want, I think I need to start making more of an effort.

Things that are absolute 'no's in the office - like visible bra straps (and the aforementioned tattoos), thin, ripped, t-shirts and singlets, biker boots, mini skirts, ripped denim and the like - all need to be squeezed into two tiny days.

Sometimes, though, I am just so excited that I don't have go to work, I can get into a bit of a rut and start to slop around in any old thing. Especially if the weather is icky and rainy (which it has been in Sydney up until the last week or so).

This weekend, though, I wanted to get my casual mojo back. And while Kate Lanphear is a perfect role model for weekdays, on weekends, I play another game - 'What would Pixie do?'

Yep - Pixie Geldof. One of the wild-child offspring of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates.

She is my go-to girl for hair inspiration (obvs) but I also really love how she puts outfits together. While often on-trend, she wears things in a fresh way that feels authentic and real. Far, far removed from the usual celeb offspring set who are seen running about Notting Hill and the West Village in the latest designer gear. I mean, sure, she still wears labels now and then and I have no idea what her actual job is, but she seems different.

Here are some of my fave looks that she has rocked in the warmer weather:

I am also really loving her hairstyle in that last photo. Hmmm... maybe it is time for me to grow mine a little...

Anyways, here is what I came up with this weekend outfit-wise:

Saturday daytime 

The sun was out again! Yay!

Like this outfit a lot but will NOT be wearing the headband outside of a yoga studio again. The bag is the one I use on most days - it is from Deadly Ponies and I get way more compliments on this bag than I get on my pretty purple Mulberry Bayswater. I think there is an important lesson in that somewhere if I really wanted to learn one.

Saturday night

Went to see Death Cab For Cutie on Saturday night - expected it to be a hipster-fest but it was actually me, my husband and about a thousand-odd 16 year old girls (some with boys in tow- but not many). Still - it was a good concert.

Even though my hair is super-short, I managed to get it into two little braids. I got the idea from watching 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'. Sooo cute and it shows off my undercut. Sad thing though - I broke my bag trying to get my tickets out in a hurry. It was from though and cost, like, $20 so probably not that surprising. In contrast to the cheap bag (plus a cut-off vintage skirt) are the boots - my gorgeous and lovely Beau Coops boots. I got them a few years back and they were on sale but still cost a pretty penny.

Sunday day

Headed out to my favourite cafe in Sydney for brunch. It was overcast but still a nice and warm.

I bought this shirt when I was in the middle of reading Patti Smith's autobiography, 'Just Kids' and wanted desperately to be as cool and androgynous as Patti. This shirt is as close as I got. It was winter then so I was wearing it with black skinny cords and a vintage velvet jacket if it was too cold. But because today was nice and warm, I just wore my favourite cut-off shorts from One Teaspoon (not that you can see them) and the same boots as last night and same bag as yesterday morning. Not that exciting an ensemble but it matched my laid back mood.

Sunday night

Tonight, I am just bumming around the house, eating brownies and blogging away so I am wearing the same cut-off shorts as this morning but with a worn-out singlet instead of the shirt - I figured there is no real point in posting a photo of that. Just assume I look amazing.

And that is it of another weekend - I have to get through five days of worky hum-drum before I can pull out the inappropriately shorty-shorts again.

Cue the Sunday night sads.

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