Sunday, February 5, 2012

The greatest crush of all

I did something bad. I posted a whole list of celebrities that I have had a crush on over the years AND I DIDN'T INCLUDE LUKE PERRY!!!!!

Very bad. Hopefully this post that will be TOTALLY devoted to the lovely Luke will somehow make up for it.

I mean, he had a seriously profound effect on pre-teen me (sometime between Jon Bon Jovi and Damon Albarn). In fact, even now while I peruse photos of Mr Perry on the interwebs it is clear to me that I am still totally in love with him. His face still makes me weak at the knees and all swoony.

I mean, seriously:

Om nom nom nom nom.

My crush on Luke started simultaneously with an obsession with a fab little tv show called 'Beverly Hills 90210'. He was quintessential bad boy, Dylan McKay. And, even though it was quite obvious that he was far too old to be in high school, he was the dreamiest boy at West Beverly High.

Dylan rode a motorbike, drove a sweet-ass Porsche Speedster, was misunderstood, mysterious and broody all the time, surfed and hung out in Baja, had this cool, kind of raspy voice and was basically sexy as all hell. Seriously, seriously hot.

But Dylan wasn't the only reason I watched 90210 - I also thought the show itself was the best thing EVER! Da. Bomb. It was my whole life.

Naturally, I was Team Brenda. She had a huge influence on me style-wise and also attitude-wise. And I think this was partially because I wanted to be the kind of girl who could end up with a boy like Dylan.

This kind of never really happened (or, to the extent that it did, I now realise that older, broody boys with family and alcohol issues are not actually that hot outside of the Beverly Hills zip code).

And when Dylan left Brenda and started hooking up with that pathetic, sulky, privileged, stuck up, BLONDE Kelly, it really PISSED ME OFF. I kept watching of course but was always hoping that B & D would maybe hook up again and that Kelly would maybe die some hideous, painful death.

But really, it didn't matter that much, because Luke Perry was turning up in other things too! Like 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'! No - not the world's best tv show that was ever, ever made. He was in the movie that preceded it (and that was not really so great - in fact it was so bad that its writer, Joss Whedon, revived the concept for the BRILLIANT tv show to make up for it).

Ok, so his hair looked pretty bad through most of it but I swear he was still hot. I mean, check him out here in the prom scene:

HOT! (Also, he kind of looked like Spike from the tv series in this movie. And his characters name - Pike - a coincidence? I don't think so!)

I was really hoping that he would make a cameo in the tv series - there were lots of rumours flying around that he was going to make an appearance in the final season but it never happened. Sad. Face.

But, kind of exciting, he does still act! Yay! And he is still pretty cute. Here he is in some tv movie called 'Goodnight for Justice' that he made last year:

I have no inclination to watch this but I am glad he is still getting work and looking delish (if not a little too much like a hipster). Sure, it was directed by Jason Priestly (who, of course, played 90210's Brandon Walsh), but work is work. And hot is hot. And staying hot in Hollywood is not as easy as you would think, right, Val Kilmer?

The other awesome thing about Luke is that he gives really good fan photos.


This is one is my favourite, but there is a whole collection of fabulous photos that Luke posed for with adoring/crazy-ass fans here.

So, while I am really sorry that I missed him off my previous list, I am kind of happy too because it meant that I got to do a WHOLE POST devoted to him.

I STILL LOVE YOU, LUKE PERRY!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Charmaine said...

Gah - Val Kilmer - my eyes! How are the mighty fallen. Luke, on the other hand, is doing pretty well. I missed out on the whole 90210 thing, but even I knew he was dreamy when I was a kiddle.