Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend outfit - sunshine and lollipops!

I was so excited that the sun FINALLY decided to come out this weekend! Yay!!!

And with the sun, my pasty limbs also came out!

I got this dress in Chicago. It is a bit colourful - enough to feel Summery but not so much that it freaked me out. This is the first time though that I have worn it since I got back - not because I changed my mind about it or anything - but it has just not been warm enough in Sydney! Ugh!


So we got one nice day this weekend before the clouds and cooler temps set in again and I wanted to take advantage by getting out there amongst it.

And it felt lurvely! xox


Jody said...

A bit colourful? Seriously? I actually thought it was black.

Emma M said...

It is black WITH colours. Which is kinda the only way I do colour. But, importantly, it is black with LOTS of colours. :)