Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hot gothic

We have been having something of a heatwave in Sydney for the last couple of weeks. And it isn't looking like it will change anytime soon.

Now I am a big fan of the sun and the heat. Especially if I am at the beach. But it isn't something that goes well with my obsession with all things black, shiny and/ or tight. Nor is it good for my ever-expanding collection of big, black boots.

But just because the temperatures are getting up to 40 degrees celsius doesn't mean I have to give up on being a hot little goth altogether. I just have to change things up a little.

So here are my essentials for getting your goth on in the summertime:

  1. SUNSCREEN!!! Cannot stress this enough. Even if you don't mind getting a bit of a tan (or, if you are like me, getting freckly) you need to cover up with sunscreen. And not just your face - your shoulders, d├ęcolletage, arms - anything that is on display. Make it a 30 spf and preferably a non-greasy formula so it doesn't go all slimey when you sweat. 
  2. Waterproof makeup - especially your eyeliner and mascara. I actually don't wear foundation in the summer - just a bit of concealer wherever I need it. But I still wear dark make-up. So long as it is waterproof, you don't have to worry about it running down your face - even if you decide to jump in the ocean or get involved in an impromptu water fight. 
  3. Wear light, flowy fabrics - preferably natural fibres. About 90% of my weekend wardrobe is tight and made of some kind of synthetic. If it is super hot though, I try to avoid them and go for something that sits away from my body a bit. Long cotton skirts and dresses are ace. Short ones can be cute too of course. They are still going to be black though. Just because the sun is shining is no reason to break out the pastels!
  4. Forget about wearing PVC or leather. Or corsets. Just - don't. 
  5. Still layer on the jewellery - it will make it easier to leave the bondage boots and corset at home. 
  6. Find a cute hat that you actually like to wear. Or, better yet, a parasol! Because, while sunscreen is good, getting full coverage is even better! Keep that skin pale, young-looking and cancer free my friend.


Anonymous said...

Rad Bracelet, is that a spine?

Anonymous said...

Go the Summer Goths :)

ODYSSEY said...

40C, yikes. It gets that hot in summer here, too. :(
Smart tips!


Pale rules!