Sunday, December 19, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

I had a lot of trouble this year working out what it was that I wanted to get for Christmas from the husband. We tend not to do the whole surprise thing much because it usually leads to disappointment. So we ask for what we want off each other and then we are super-duper happy on the big day.

Now I ended up asking for some pretty sweet things and will be well happy when I unwrap them. But the things that I really, really, REALLY want for Christmas aren't the sorts of things he can get me. At least not from the new Westfields in Sydney... They are the more in the realm of "Christmas miracles" I'm afraid.

So in case there really is a Santa Claus, here is my actual Christmas wish list:

  • A job in New York (like a proper job - I am so not going to be able to live the way I want to live in New York if I work at Starbucks or in a book shop or something)
  • Blake Lively's teeth - and, while I am at it, her legs too
  • A good justification for how I can be a vegan and still have an addiction to gorgeous leather handbags and shoes
  • If I can't have the one above, I at least want a vegan Birkin handbag in orange or purple (hey - if Dior can make Natalie Portman some vegan shoes, why not?). Oh - that reminds me - some vegan Louboutins too!
  • A book deal - or a regular magazine column. For a magazine in NYC of course
  • An apartment that looks just the way I want it to and is a perfect reflection of my personality (oh - and I guess the husband's too) but without me really having to think about what that would look like. Preferably, the apartment would be located in Soho, the Village or anywhere in Paris.
  •  A pony
  • Skinny jeans that don't make me look like a giant, denim-clad carrot
  • The time to perform in musicals again (and a few choice roles wouldn't go astray - Eponine, maybe?)
  • Alexa Chung's wardrobe. And her aversion to food so I can fit into it all
  • A black pug dog and two black whippets (but they must get along with my cats!)
  • To be French (I am assuming this will come with the ability to speak French too)
  • World peace or something like that to balance out the superficiality of all the above wishes
SOURCE: The Daily Telegraph

Really - am I asking too much? Probably. But I have been oh so good this year so I am thinking Santa will bring me at least something from the above list.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let it be the pony!!!!

Merry Christmas you guys!!!!!!

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