Monday, August 22, 2011

Next generation of awesomeness


Ever since I saw this photo almost 19 years ago, I have been waiting for Frances Bean Cobain, heir to the grunge throne, to grow into something awesome.

I mean, she is the only daughter of two rock legends, she inherited her dad's giant blue eyes and her mum's endless pout, and her name is Frances BEAN!!!! Surely she was destined for big things.

And while I am not that sure what exactly it is that she does for a "career" (I think she had an art exhibition a few years ago but apart from that she seems to just fight with her mum and post stuff on twitter), in my eyes, that wait is now over. Frances is now a style icon/ hottie mchottie.

This became official a couple of weeks ago when Hedi Slimane released a series of GORGEOUS photos of FBC on her website

This is just one of the photos but you should definitely head to the website to see the rest because it really is a lovely photo shoot.

I have to admit there were a few moments there over the years that had me worried that she wouldn't live up to her full potential. She seemed kind of awkward, which is fine, but also on occassion she just looked like she was trying too hard. 



This obvioulsy caused me major sad face.

But now I am totally in love and my hope has been restored! Hooray for Frances Bean!!

(PS Is it wrong to be envious of a girl whose father topped himself when she was but a wee little babe and whose mum is a slightly crazed ex crack head? Cos I totally am!)

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