Monday, June 25, 2012

True colours

This is just a quick little bonus post because today I did something crazy...

I wore colour to work, you guys!!!!

In fact, there were multiple colours! Multiple, clashing colours! And a pattern! ALL IN ONE OUTFIT!!!!

Yeah - I am ca-ray-azy!

I bought both the jumper and the skirt are from Gorman on the weekend (yeah - I spent quite a lot of dosh this weekend...) and the colours actually look even brighter IRL. 

Oh and, if the orange and green clothes weren't eye-catching enough, I wore bright pink lipstick and lilac nail polish. SHAZAM! 

It definitely got me a lot of attention - most of it positive - which was good because I felt pretty self-conscious to begin with. Even without the safety of my usual black, white and grey duds though I ended up feeling quite special by the end of the day.

My lovely friend suggested that I wear colours again tomorrow but I think that this is pretty much all the colour I have in me for this week. 

Still, it was fun and made me happy on an otherwise craptastic Monday. Yay!

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